Health company Chopra and Swan Hellenic Announce Exclusive, Multi-Year Partnership

Swan Hellenic (Logo)Chopra and Swan Hellenic Announce Exclusive, Multi-Year Partnership With Launch of Well-Being Travel Experience “Explore & Restore”.

Chopra, a leading integrative health company founded by global well-being pioneer Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D. and part of The Healing Company Inc. (OTCQB: HLCO) (“The Healing Company” or the “Company”), today announced an exclusive, multi-year partnership with Swan Hellenic, the leader in luxury cultural expeditions by sea.

Inspired by the healing properties of the sea, Chopra and Swan Hellenic have united to create an “Explore & Restore” well-being voyage intentionally curated to foster self-discovery and cultural immersion. Transcending the traditional boundaries of wellness tourism, “Explore & Restore” pairs inward journeys with outward exploration, resulting in a deeply enriching, healing experience—with impacts that last long after the voyage has concluded.

The partnership represents a continued dedication to delivering world-class wellness experiences for Chopra, and the first foray into the U.S. market for Swan Hellenic. Sales of the “Explore & Restore” well-being expeditions begin today, with six journeys slated for 2024 featuring five to nine days of programming. In addition, all Swan Hellenic ships will have a Chopra-certified meditation and yoga teacher offering daily private and group sessions.

“Healing programs like ‘Explore & Restore’ offer a unique opportunity for individuals to nourish their well-being while forging a meaningful connection with the world,” said Dr. Deepak Chopra, Chief Scientific Advisor to The Healing Company. “In my mission to help one billion people access healing, these spirit-awakening experiences play a pivotal role in propelling us towards a more just, sustainable, peaceful, healthy, and joyful world.”

“As we continue to undergo a renaissance since relaunching our cultural expedition cruises three years ago, Swan Hellenic’s primary emphasis has been to embrace wellness with our first entry into the American market next year. This launch, in collaboration with Chopra, signifies a momentous milestone,” said Andrea Zito, CEO of Swan Hellenic. “During this transformative journey, wellness and exploration seamlessly merge, igniting a unique path that invites travelers to embark on a voyage where self-care and discovery coexist. This collaboration mirrors our commitment to delivering authentic luxury and intimate, remote experiences with well-being at the forefront.”

Inaugural “Explore & Restore” expeditions in 2024 will enable guests to experience the rich tapestry of wellness traditions across the world, including:

– Panama City, Panama to Acapulco, Mexico – March 27 to April 2

– Nassau, Bahamas to New York, United States, including a session with Dr. Deepak Chopra – May 10 to May 15

– New York, United States to Halifax, Canada, including a session with Dr. Deepak Chopra – May 15 to May 21

– Palermo, Italy to Piraeus, Greece – August 28 to September 5

– Philipsburg, Saint Maarten to Bridgetown, Barbados – October 16 to October 22

– Maputo, Mozambique to Cape Town, South Africa – November 6 to November 13

“Explore & Restore” expeditions will include Ayurvedic culinary offerings, daily meditation, yoga and breathwork classes, and expert-led workshops designed to unveil their authentic self and ignite their path to purpose all while traveling to the most captivating places on Earth. Furthermore, Chopra is offering an “Explore & Restore” app program designed to help travelers ready their mind, body, and spirit, before, during, and long after their journeys—ultimately fostering a healing ritual that will have a lasting impact wherever they are.

“No longer confined to just spa treatments and yoga sessions, today’s discerning consumer is in pursuit of enriching experiences that encapsulate—and expand—their mental, physical, and spiritual health,” said Simon Belsham, CEO and Co-Founder of The Healing Company. “The Chopra ‘Explore & Restore’ program is a voyage of self-discovery and healing that inspires a profound connection with the world and oneself—and resonates long after the journey has ended. We are delighted to partner with Swan Hellenic to reimagine what a wellness retreat by sea looks like, in continuation of our strategy to bring forward impactful, highly innovative healing products and experiences in high growth sectors. “

As one of the fastest growing travel segments1, the global wellness tourism market is projected to reach $814.6 billion in 2030 and is expanding at a 12.4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR)2. That growth along with the acceleration of the global cruise market—estimated to reach $22.8 billion in 2032 with an 11% CAGR3—underscores Chopra and Swan Hellenic’s understanding of the evolving preferences of modern travelers. By creating a bespoke spirit-awakening journey, Chopra and Swan Hellenic have developed a distinct experience for consumers to nurture their well-being while embracing the wonders of the world.

“As the travel and wellness industries have become more inexorably linked, our partnership with Swan Hellenic to create a deeply enriching expedition signifies the increasing demand for a new travel experience—one where personal well-being is seamlessly integrated into every voyage,” added Belsham.

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(Chopra and Swan Hellenic Announce Exclusive, Multi-Year Partnership With Launch of Well-Being Travel Experience “Explore & Restore” – Swan Hellenic)