Aurora Expeditions Unveils New Sustainable Food Initiatives

The Greg Mortimer: lounge area and the dining roomAhead of commencing its Antarctica 2023-24 season later this month, Australian-owned expedition company Aurora Expeditions has announced new developments to the dining options aboard its vessels in line with the operator’s Sustainability in Action Program.

Passengers traveling on the expedition company’s two purpose-built ships, the Greg Mortimer and Sylvia Earle this Antarctic season will enjoy new options from Aurora’s Sustainable Food Program including locally-sourced organic fruit, vegetables and dairy products, free-range chicken and eggs, Argentinian grass-fed beef and a selection of other local products from Argentina.

Additionally, all seafood will be certified by internationally recognized certifying bodies, whilst fish eggs and tuna will be eliminated from onboard menus across both ships, due to concerns related to overfishing and the need to protect the ocean’s ecological balance.

This initiative is in addition to the Sustainable Sea Day already practiced on the Sylvia Earle, where seafood is not available on Day 6 of each voyage in honor of the ship’s namesake and her advocacy for the protection and regeneration of our oceans.

“As our Antarctic voyages predominantly depart from Argentina, it was important for us to work with local producers and farmers from that area to ensure we provide fresh, high-quality ingredients for our passengers while also minimizing our food miles,” said Michael Heath, chief executive officer, Aurora Expeditions. “The rollout of these sustainable food initiatives has come out of a comprehensive review of our supply chains, and it is an important part of our continuing progress to becoming the leader in sustainable expedition travel.”

Founded 32 years ago on the guiding principles of discovery and exploration, Aurora takes passengers on expeditions to some of the world’s most fragile and untouched wilderness destinations. Recognizing its responsibility to protect these important ecosystems, the company published its inaugural Impact Report earlier this year, which provides a comprehensive review of the company’s efforts to embed sustainable practices across all areas of the business to date, as well as its future goals.

(Aurora Expeditions Unveils New Sustainable Food Initiatives – Aurora Expeditions)