Isafjordur, Iceland, pier extension reduces tendering

Isafjordur, Iceland, pier extension reduces tendering - LtoR: Heimir Hansson, information and market manager; Hilmar Lyngmo; and Gudmundur Kristjansson (c) Cruise Europe (Image at - October 2023)The Port of Isafjordur has invested IKr1 billion (€8 million) in a pier extension, increasing the length of the existing pier from 190m by 310m to 500m in total, with a depth alongside of 10m.

Hilmar Lyngmo, recently appointed harbour master, says: “Now the bigger ships, up to 330m in length, can come alongside the new pier instead of tendering. We now have the capacity at this pier, the two smaller piers each capable of taking ships up to 150m in length, and at anchorage.”

There were 136 calls in 2019, 209 this year and 213 are scheduled for 2024.

This summer the town with a population of 3,000 experienced four days when 6,000 passengers visited. Ten years ago this would have overwhelmed the community but it has grown with the industry and is now more acceptant of the ships calling, explains Gudmundur Kristjansson, retiring harbour master.

“Post-Covid we had fewer ships with only half capacity which gave time for services to come back. Discussions are taking place re a limit on passenger numbers. Cruise companies also calling for a limit,” he adds.

The cruise industry now accounts for 70% of the annual income of the port (in the past it was fishing), allowing it to develop and invest.

(Isafjordur, Iceland, pier extension reduces tendering – Cruise Europe)