Aqua Blu Announces New Asmat Tribe Itinerary in East Indonesia for 2025

Aqua BluIn 2025, Aqua Expeditions expands its horizons offering three new itineraries in the wildest, most remote corners of East Indonesia.

The seven- and 12-night expeditions immerse travelers in some of the world’s most uncharted lands, home to lush jungles, impressive cave systems, vivid underwater ecosystems, and Indigenous communities.

Snorkeling and diving excursions invite possible sightings of whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, and other rare wildlife, while private tenders whisk guests deep into the jungle to discover local villages, interact with members of the Asmat tribe, and the chance to spot endemic forest kangaroos.

The first ever long-range ocean explorer yacht permanently based in East Indonesia, Aqua Blu, originally built as a British Royal Navy Explorer, makes it easy to explore the region’s most mythical landscapes and underwater worlds. The superyacht is equipped with a comprehensive suite of top-of-the-line, non-motorized water sport equipment including diving and snorkeling gear, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards.

Back on board, expect personalized service with a highly exclusive 1:1 crew-to-guest ratio with personalized service and world-class cuisine from chef Benjamin Cross—who draws inspiration from the region’s ingredients and spice routes—provides another lens for discovering the destination.

Seven-nights – Ambon to Kaimana Expedition: 1-8 November 2025
Dual destination to The Spice Islands and West Papua
This dual-destination itinerary combines the best of the Spice Islands itinerary already offered onboard Aqua Blu, with the new unexplored charters of West Papua. Departing from Ambon, Aqua Blu will sail along the island’s scenic northern coast en route to the Banda Islands. Here, guests can stroll through the Dutch Fort Belgica which towers over the island of Banda Neira, once the most hotly contested island in the world as it was the only producer of nutmeg and mace, spices that were once worth more than their weight in gold.

Next, it’s off to the three remote island groups of Koon, Gorong, and Watubela — a divers’ paradise boasting colourful coral reefs and occasional sightings of leopard sharks and hammerheads. The following stop, Teluk Sebakor, is just as much of a marine and terrestrial wonderland, known for its mangrove forests and karst limestone islands as well as a shoreline cove inhabited by a colony of screeching bats.

Next is the forested outback of Cape Pepisol, where a micro-weather system adds to the adventure as guests trek almost a mile up-river to the Karawawi village. The journey ends in Triton Bay for the once-in-a-lifetime experience of swimming with the 40-foot whale sharks and a visit to Kiti Kiti waterfall at Momon.

Seven-nights – Kaimana to Kaimana Expedition: 8–15 November & 15-22 November
Two West Papua & Amat Tribe Expedition Sailings
Starting in the vibrant town of Kaimana, the expedition heads south to Triton Bay and Namatote, a diver’s paradise known for incredible seascapes, pristine coral reefs, and thriving underwater ecosystems home to over 1000 species of marine life. Aqua Blu then sails on to the Asmat region, a remote part of West Papua known by few travellers.

Private tenders will speed guests up the waterways and deep into the jungle toward the traditional villages inhabited by the Asmat people — one of largest tribes in Papua known for their rich heritage and traditions, including ancestor worship and the use of rituals to maintain the balance of the natural world. The final stop includes Momon, home to the spectacular Kiti Kiti waterfall that thunders directly into the open sea.

Twelve-nights – Kaimana to Sorong Expedition: 22 November – 4 December 2025
Dual destination sailing to Asmat Tribe in West Papua and Raja Ampat
With Aqua’s newest twelve-night itinerary, guests will embark on a comprehensive exploration bringing together the best of the West Papua and Raja Ampat itineraries. Travelling from Kaimana to Sorong, this itinerary offers an epic mix of culture, wildlife, and underwater adventure.

Featuring two nights in the Asmat region, guests will have the chance to visit the tribe’s communal houses and observe their unique arts, crafts, and traditional dances. There will be two days of discovering the magnificent One Thousand Temples – karst islets eroded by the ocean and rain leaving behind steep spires of limestone. Tenders will take travellers through jellyfish lakes and cave systems before rounding out the expedition in the marine protected area Mayalibit Bay for a canoe excursion, a hike to spot rare birds of paradise on Waigeo Island, and a swim down the shimmering blue Kali Biru River.

Starting from USD12,290 per person for 7 nights, USD19,640 per person for 12 nights (double occupancy). With just four exclusive sailings, expressing interest early is imperative.

(Aqua Blu Announces New Asmat Tribe Itinerary in East Indonesia for 2025 – Aqua Expeditions)