Riviera River Cruises Pledges to Reduce Paper, Plastic Use and Carbon Footprint

Riviera River Cruises (Logo)Riviera Travel, the United Kingdom-based parent company of Riviera River Cruises, has implemented a new environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy that includes pledges related to its river cruise operations.

The company has pledged to halve its use of paper and plastic by 2025, reduce its carbon footprint by 20 percent by 2028, issue a new ethics policy and sustainability checklist to its suppliers, and partner with a charity that works with communities to develop solutions for agriculture, water and waste management, climate resilience and clean energy.

“At Riviera, we’re committed to sustainable, ethical and responsible travel,” said Marilyn Conroy, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing North America for Riviera River Cruises. “While we recognize we don’t have all the answers, we consider this the starting point for the next part of our company’s voyage. We’re determined to deliver on our pledges, and we look forward to working with others in the industry to bring about change.”

Calling its strategy “doing the right thing,” the company is focusing its efforts in four areas – sustainability, carbon footprint, ethical operations and charity.

Among the pledges made by Riviera Travel as part of the strategy are:

> Halving the use of paper and plastic mainly by switching to electronic documents and brochures. Clients will still be able to receive printed brochures if desired.
> Reducing its carbon footprint by 20 percent by partnering with an environmental consultant to measure its footprint, offering more vegetarian and vegan meal options, and using greener energy sources aboard its ships.
> Issuing a new ethics policy and sustainability checklist to its suppliers that covers labor standards, human rights, animal welfare and renewable energy.
> And, through its new charity partner Practical Action, donating 1 GBP for every client booked in 2024 and beyond in hopes of raising 100,000 GBP per year to clean up rivers and reduce waste in Kenya.

Riviera River Cruises offers a total of 22 itineraries on 10 European rivers and waterways throughout the year, including exclusive departures for solo travelers with no single supplement and holiday season cruises. Its fleet of 12 ships is one of the youngest in Europe, with spacious cabins and suites, and its cruises include fine culinary experiences, from splendid breakfasts to delicious four-course dinners featuring regional and international specialties, as well as expert-led excursions to iconic sights and hidden gems.

Riviera guarantees exceptional value, promising never to add hidden surcharges or fees, and it doesn’t automatically include gratuities or drinks, so the choice is up to guests.

(Riviera River Cruises Pledges to Reduce Paper, Plastic Use and Carbon Footprint – Riviera River Cruises)