New associate member at Cruise Europe: Humann & Taconet

New associate member at Cruise Europe: Humann & Taconet  (Image at - September 2023)Humann & Taconet is a family-owned business dating back to the 1920s. Eighteen years ago Jacques Thyebault joined the company and set up Humann & Taconet Cruise Agencies.

Today the agencies represent 30 cruiselines, organising between 350 and 400 calls a year in 54 ports and and anchorages in France, from Dunkirk to Bonifacio.

The company handles all aspects of port operations including, but not limited to, itinerary planning, nautical expertise, warehousing , stevedoring and provisioning, organising crew travel, visas and medical attendance.

“We have also found that troubleshooting and nautical know-how have become increasingly important especially post-Covid. We strive to offer the cruise lines alternatives and workable choices for their itineraries and their queries. With the ever increasing change in weather conditions we try our best to accommodate the clients and their ships using our diplomatic ties to local and national networks to get through what is often heavy administrative processes and procedures to achieve solutions which would otherwise often be refused,” explains Jacques Thyebaut, director – cruise & marine operations France.

Thyebaut and his wife Felicia Kennedy also own and manage KS and ShoreSide Unlimited, which provide services beyond pure port operations, for example shuttle service, turnarounds checkin and meet and greet, special events such as fireworks and tents and scanners arrangements where there is no cruise terminal.

In addition, cruiseship drydock operations are offered in Dunkirk, Brest & Marseille, while ships in lay-up are accommodated in Caen.

(New associate member at Cruise Europe: Humann & Taconet – Cruise Europe, Humann & Taconet)