Turku sets 2029 carbon neutral goal

Approaching the port from Turku Archipelago sea (Courtesy Port of Turku)In June the Port of Turku joined the climate team of the city of Turku, which has set the goal of being carbon neutral in 2029.

The port has been doing systematic environmental work for a long time. Mitigation of climate change as part of the carbon-neutral Turku urban area is one of the central goals of its environmental programme that extends until 2025. The aim is to reduce greenhouse emissions by 40% in the period 2008-2025.

The goal is to minimise the environmental impact of the port’s operations on land, sea, and air. In all its activities, the port considers the city’s climate plan and the European Union’s ‘Fit for 55’ goals.

“Our own climate action is to move towards carbon neutrality by investing in the use of renewable energy and the electrification of operations. The electricity used by the port has been tendered as renewable. The vehicle fleet has been changed to electric within the framework offered by the market, regarding both vans and other work machines. In addition, charging stations for electric cars have been added in the harbour area. In those vehicles where electrification is not possible, biodiesel will be used,” explains Mark Alahame, technical director Port of Turku.

“Climate work must be at the centre of everything we do. It often means investments, but they do pay for themselves,” he concludes.

(Turku sets 2029 carbon neutral goal – Cruise Europe, Port of Turku)