Fincantieri has completed the parallel modernization of two cruise ships for Crystal Cruises

Crystal SerenityFincantieri has completed the parallel modernization of two cruise ships for Crystal (A&K Travel Group), delivering Crystal Symphony in recent days. The first vessel, Crystal Serenity, rejoined the owner’s fleet on July 20.

The contract was finalized in December 2022, and, after an initial phase committed to engineering development, works lasted for about five months significantly raising the level of amenities and accommodations on board. The hotel part of the ships, both public areas and suites and guest rooms, was revolutionized, deeply affecting the systems part as well, in order to lengthen the operational life. The project was concluded with the usual drydocking activities preparatory to return to service.

On every ship, three decks were radically transformed with the installation of more than 100 new suites and guest rooms two, three and sometimes four times the size of the previous 230, generating environments of greater space and value, thanks to the refinement of the finishes used. Another 100 were completely modernized, without changing their size. Casinos have been removed to make room for generous lounges.

Aspects related to environmental sustainability have also been upgraded, with particular reference to wastewater treatment and energy recovery systems. Finally, the hulls have been treated with special state-of-the-art ecosilicone paints, which reduce friction and fuel consumption.

Pierroberto Folgiero, CEO of Fincantieri stated: “This is one of the most important orders managed at our Arsenale Triestino San Marco, allowing us to further consolidate Fincantieri Services’ leadership in the refitting and refurbishment sector globally, which will grow a lot in the coming years due to the ongoing digital and green revolution”. Folgiero concluded, “Supporting as a technology partner the re-launch of a brand like Crystal is a very significant achievement, which starts in the best possible way the relationship with a client like Crystal that today refers to a shipowner we know very well as Manfredi Lefebvre D’Ovidio”.

Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony have a length of nearly 240 meters, a gross tonnage of about 51,000 tons, and a maximum capacity that now stands at about 740 and 606 passengers respectively.

(Fincantieri has completed the parallel modernization of two cruise ships for Crystal Cruises – Fincantieri, Crystal Cruises)