AIDA presents 600 square meter vacation world at Hamburg Cruise Days

Hamburg Cruise Days 2019: spectacular parade of cruise ships in the Port of Hamburg (Photo credit: Jan Schugardt/Hamburg Cruise Days)Hamburg Cruise Days, a unique cruise festival worldwide, attracts not only many ships but also hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over Germany and beyond.

AIDA Cruises is once again a premium partner of the three-day event from September 8 to 10 and will thrill the audience on land and on water as well as the guests on board AIDAperla, AIDAprima and AIDAsol with many maritime attractions – goosebump moments guaranteed.

“When I see the commitment and passion with which everyone involved is planning this highlight, we can look forward to unique and stirring cruise moments for the industry in general and for Hamburg as a gateway to the world in particular,” says Sven Jacobsen, Vice President Communication & Sustainability. “Cruising connects countries, cultures and people like hardly any other form of vacation. We want to convey this spirit of peaceful togetherness to all visitors,” Jacobsen affirms.

AIDAprima leads the big ship parade / AIDA Parade with AIDAperla and AIDAsol

The highlight of the weekend will be the ship’s staging on Saturday evening, September 9, 2023. AIDAprima will leave its berth in Steinwerder in good time and get into position between the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall and the Überseebrücke bridge at around 8:45 p.m. to lead the parade, which will begin at 9:00 p.m. Guests on board AIDAprima will experience the unique atmosphere from the front row and can then look forward to a 7-day cruise to Norway.

On Sunday evening, September 10, 2023, another highlight will follow on water. AIDAperla and AIDAsol will leave the Port of Hamburg at around 7:30 p.m. in an AIDA ship parade. Guests on board AIDAsol, which departs from the Hamburg-Altona berth, will even enjoy an additional harbor cruise, including a lap of honor past the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall and a turn at the height of Amerikahöft, before both ships bid farewell to Hamburg together. AIDAperla sets off on a 9-day Norway cruise, and for AIDAsol it’s “Cast off” for the Atlantic West Coast. Guests on the 12-day voyage will discover destinations such as Gijon, Bilbao, Le Verdon-sur-Mer and Brest.

The AIDA vacation world at the Kehrwiederspitze

The 600-square-meter AIDA Holiday World at Kehrwiederspitze offers the best view of the harbor with a roof terrace and sun loungers directly on the water. On all three event days, visitors experience a varied entertainment program that takes them on a journey through the world of cruising.

Brand new is the AIDA kissing stop as an inspiring selfie spot. Delicious drinks, cooling ice cream, beach club feeling and good AIDAradio program on its own stage, including DJ, invite you to linger and dream of an AIDA cruise. Who cannot wait, already once sample lies in the bed of the original veranda cabin of AIDAcosma and/or books directly with the AIDA travel advisors the next vacation on board. For all those who not only want to take a vacation with AIDA, but also want to sign on, the AIDA recruitment booth will be on site. A consultation can already be made under this link.

Sustainability on land and water

Visitors can watch short films in the AIDA Vacation World to learn about the AIDA Green Cruising strategy and at the same time stay on site with a clear conscience, as the entire AIDA Vacation World is made of 95 percent recyclable materials, and will be reused for upcoming events.

The star of the ship parade, AIDAprima, has the largest maritime battery storage system currently available, with a capacity of 10 megawatt hours, and was also the first major cruise ship in the world to successfully test the use of biofuels. AIDAprima and AIDAperla are both shore power capable, as is AIDAsol, which is scheduled to draw green power during each of its calls at Cruise Center Altona.

AIDA Season 2023 in Hamburg

With more than 120 departures this year, the German market leader offers the greatest variety of travel from the Hanseatic city. AIDA Cruises is the cruise line with the most ship calls and thus an important economic factor for the region as well as an attraction for many Hamburg residents and guests. AIDAprima kicked off the 12-month AIDA season on the Elbe on January 7, 2023, and AIDAnova will end it with a call on December 29, 2023.

(AIDA presents 600 square meter vacation world at Hamburg Cruise Days – AIDA Cruises)