Royal Caribbean International to feature Alaska artists across its Alaska cruises

Royal Caribbean International to feature Alaska artists across its Alaska cruises-  Christine Kleinhenz, a local Juneau artist, helps guests create Alaska-themed gift cards on board Ovation of the Seas using a block printing technique (Image at - August 2023)Royal Caribbean International is featuring local Alaska artists across its Alaska cruises as part of a new “Locals Onboard” program presented by

The program illustrates the cruise line’s SEA the Future commitment to energize local communities by helping connect local business owners and artists with vacationers on immersive experiences that bring to life the beauty and culture of the state.

Throughout this Alaska season, artists join a lineup of sailings to bring to life small group experiences on board for travelers to meet and engage with Alaskans. Participating local artists lead guests through unique programming, including photography workshops, Alaska Native culture and dance, watercolor sessions, storytelling and more.

“We are excited to share the cultural wealth of our great state onboard these sailings,” said Olivia Klupar, CEO, “This exclusive collaboration with Royal Caribbean entertainment reflects the cruise line’s commitment to providing guests with authentic and culturally rich experiences in the beautiful State of Alaska.”

The immersive program showcases 16 talented artists and local business owners from six southeast and southcentral Alaska communities (Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway, Haines, Sitka and Seward). In total, the program features 52 unique experiences, including:

> A Brief Introduction to Indigenous Southeast Alaska: Vacationers discover the historical indigenous way of life in Ketchikan, exploring tribal artifacts, cedar weaving, the art of totem carving and traditional fishing methods.

> Painting the Wild: Travelers explore artwork and inspiration from the coastal fjords of Alaska’s Glacier Bay.

> Harvesting Wild Plants in the Northern Lynn Canal: Guests are introduced to foraging local plants sustainably with an opportunity to create sugar scrubs using wild flora and glacial silt harvested in the Northern Lynn Canal.

“We are immensely grateful to the Alaskans who have joined us in sharing their stories and art,” said Nick Weir, senior vice president, Entertainment, Royal Caribbean International. “Our guests are eager to experience the local art and culture firsthand. Connecting them to artists who can share their talent and personal stories complements their onshore adventures and strengthens their connections with the destinations we visit. Our enrichment program has become hugely successful, and it is one of the things that I am most proud of since joining Royal Caribbean.”

Skagway-based artist Stephanie Ryan described the event as heartwarming. “I had three women who pulled their chairs right up to the front so they could see everything on my table while I was presenting. And they were able to ask me questions and chat when there was an opportunity. It was very heartwarming, and they also felt comfortable enough to chat about their own experiences and artwork.”

This exciting partnership seeks to enrich travel experiences by offering vacationers an unparalleled opportunity to immerse themselves in Alaska’s authentic culture and community. The collaboration is indicative of the cruise line and its parent company, Royal Caribbean Group’s, commitment to SEA the Future, which celebrates and spotlights local cultures in meaningful ways to energize and support the communities they visit.

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(Royal Caribbean International to feature Alaska artists across its Alaska cruises – Royal Caribbean International)