Pacific Travel Partners acquires assets from Vantage Travel

Aurora Expeditions (Logo)Vantage Deluxe World Travel (Logo)Earlier this week Pacific Travel Partners, a subsidiary of Aurora Expeditions acquired the assets from Vantage Deluxe Travel which had been placed under the jurisdiction of the court through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Pacific Travel Partners did not acquire the Vantage Deluxe Travel business or company or agree to employ former management but did agree to take on obligations to unsecured creditors including clients who had paid for but not received travel services by way of a credit to be used on future travel with Pacific Travel Partners.

Pacific Travel Partners has agreed to apply these credits to future travel and will allow customers to use their credits to pay for up to 50% of an Aurora voyage based on current published brochure price.

Full terms and conditions associated with the passenger credits will be communicated to affected passengers as soon as possible.

Going forward, Pacific Travel Partners will trade under a new business name and intends to start communicating with passengers to explain the process and their options over the next few weeks. A team of customer service agents will be put in place to deal with enquiries from all affected passengers.

(Pacific Travel Partners acquires assets from Vantage Travel – Aurora Expeditions)