Ege Port Kuşadası Celebrates Two Decades of Excellence and Innovation in Cruise Port Management

Ege Port Kusadasi, Turkey  (GPH)Ege Port Kuşadası, Turkey’s premier cruise port and gateway to Ephesus, marked a significant milestone as it celebrated its 20th anniversary with a momentous event attended by 350 esteemed guests.

Operated under the stewardship of Global Ports Holding, the world’s largest cruise port operator, Ege Port stands as the flagship port within the group.

For the past twenty years, Ege Port Kuşadası has proudly maintained its status as Turkey’s foremost contender in cruise tourism, accounting for an impressive 49.3% of the nation’s cruise traffic. This iconic port has emerged as the Mediterranean’s swiftest-growing cruise destination since the onset of the pre-Covid era.

The visionary behind the conception of Ege Port Kuşadası is Gregory M. Kiez, the Founder of Global Ports Holding and the port’s inception. Through his visionary acumen, Ege Port Kuşadası has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving into the vibrant cruise hub that defines it today. Kiez’s pioneering initiatives have not only facilitated this growth but also laid the very cornerstone upon which Global Ports Holding stands today.

Mehmet Kutman, Chairman & CEO of Global Ports Holding, stated, “As we commemorate Ege Port Kuşadası’s remarkable journey spanning two decades, we reflect on the visionary drive of Gregory M. Kiez, which ignited with Ege Port Kuşadası’s inception in 2003. This very passion has propelled us to become the world’s largest cruise port operator. Our projections for Ege Port Kuşadası this year include a 12% increase in cruise ship calls and a remarkable 72% surge in cruise passengers compared to the previous year.”

Aziz Güngör, General Manager of Ege Port Kuşadası and East Med Regional Director of Global Ports Holding, underscored the port’s global eminence as a coveted transit passenger hub, stating, “Ege Port Kuşadası’s prominence is rooted in its strategic proximity to cherished coastal gems like the Ephesus Ancient City and the House of the Virgin Mary. Furthermore, our pioneering operational model stands as the global benchmark for safety, security, and health protocols.”

Today, reigning as Turkey’s largest and most bustling port, Ege Port Kuşadası extends its services to cater all types of cruise ships, ranging from the largest vessels to the most luxurious. The port’s unique charm, complemented by its adjacency to treasures like the Ephesus Ancient City and the House of the Virgin Mary, is amplified by one of the world’s most expansive retail precincts.

Ege Port Kuşadası has been a witness to numerous milestones in Turkish cruise tourism. It proudly holds the distinction of being Turkey’s inaugural cruise port to attain ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certifications. Additionally, it’s a global trailblazer in being Green Port-certified cruise port.

(Ege Port Kuşadası Celebrates Two Decades of Excellence and Innovation in Cruise Port Management – Global Ports Holding)