Enhance Your Photography Skills with Aurora Expeditions for National Photography Day

Aurora Expeditions (Logo)In celebration of World Photography Day on Aug. 19, Aurora Expeditions invites guests to travel aboard the Greg Mortimer or Sylvia Earle, where they will leave with more than just memories.

In 2024, Aurora will host a variety of photography-themed voyages where travelers on these voyages will be transported to enthralling polar destinations rich with adventure and unique wildlife, coming across magnificent icebergs, colonies of lively penguins or even some great orcas.

The memories of all these incredible sights are likely to remain for a lifetime, but images will ensure they’ll never be forgotten.

The organization has a Special Guests Program that features experts in different fields to enrich guest’s expeditions with their unique perspectives, insights, and experiences. In 2024, the company is excited to have Richard I’Anson, Peter Eastway and Jett and Kathryn Britnell as four special guest photographers coming aboard a number of special expeditions as guides for guests to improve on their photography skills.

Jett and Kathryn Britnell are a Canadian couple who work together as professional underwater, wildlife and expedition photographers. They have an abundance of knowledge on the ocean as marine conservationists and intrepid explorers and have had their work featured in publications such as the Globe & Mail, Canadian Geographic and many more.

Guests can learn this incredible skill from the team on the following voyage:

Circle and Weddell (March 8 – 25, 2024)
Richard I’Anson is one of the world’s best landscape photographers, awarded Australia’s Top Travel Photographer, with over 36-years experience globetrotting and capturing the natural earth’s most rare and special moments. Guests can book a voyage to learn alongside Richard on the following expeditions:

Costa Rica & Panama Canal (April 19 – May 3, 2024)
Arctic Complete – Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland (July 20 – Aug. 14, 2024)

Lastly, Peter Eastway is an Australian photographer known internationally for his landscape and travel imagery. A practicing professional photographer, he shoots editorially and has recently been featured on the cover of the Lonely Planet’s guide to Australia amongst several other prominent channels.

Guests can learn from Peter on the following expeditions:

Spirit of Antarctica (Jan. 9 – 20, 2024)
South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey (Jan. 19, 2024 – Feb. 11, 2024)

All Aurora Expeditions voyages allow photographers and videographers of any skill level to learn from an expert photography guide on each expedition.Throughout the voyages, these photography experts will provide unique lectures and presentations, share their tips and tricks to help guests improve on their skills behind the lens and help to capture their expedition experience like a professional. Guests can prepare to take the best photographs upon these expeditions using these tips and tricks from expedition experts.

Interested in sharing this amazing photography experience with your readers? You can view some of the images captured by Aurora’s expert photographers here.

(Enhance Your Photography Skills with Aurora Expeditions for National Photography Day – Aurora Expeditions)