Silversea Cruises Inspires Guests With Fleetwide Premiere Of Steve Mccurry Biopic

McCurry: The Pursuit of Colour – Official Trailer

Silversea Cruises recently hosted its global fleetwide premiere of McCurry: The Pursuit of Color, an intimate portrayal of the brand’s long-term collaborator, Steve McCurry—one of the world’s most celebrated photographers.

The cruise line screened the film to guests sailing aboard its 11 ships throughout June, inspiring travellers to cherish the world’s authentic beauty, and safeguard the planet and its inhabitants. Steve McCurry has travelled to over 35 countries as part of his exclusive collaboration with Silversea Cruises. Many of these journeys feature in the film, including trips to India; Mongolia; Madagascar; Bhutan; the Arctic; the Virunga Mountains, Uganda; and more.

From challenges in childhood to the pinnacle of world photography, McCurry: The Pursuit of Color charts Steve McCurry’s rise to the top of his craft, revealing the untold stories behind his iconography and reflecting on the pivotal moments of his adventurous life. Appealing to Silversea’s curious and well-travelled guests, his body of work spans conflicts, vanishing cultures, ancient traditions, and contemporary culture alike—yet always retains the human element that made his celebrated image of the Afghan Girl so powerful.

Directed by documentary filmmaker Denis Delestrac, the film explores the fascinating life of one of our generation’s greatest visual storytellers, as he travels across war-torn countries and other challenging environments, including monsoon-season India, to capture authenticity in its rawest form. Viewers see new, previously undocumented facets of Steve McCurry: his childhood, his travels, his life in New York, his family life, and more.

“We are honoured to work closely with Steve and to sponsor, co-produce, and screen this insightful film, directed by award-winning Director Denis Delestrac, across our fleet of 11 ultra-luxury ships,” said Barbara Muckermann, President and CEO, Silversea Cruises.

“Silversea Cruises facilitates immersive travel as a form of self-enrichment, encouraging a deep respect for the planet and the communities we visit. In this regard, Steve McCurry is the perfect ambassador for our cruise line. The film presents strong messages on diversity, respect, and embracing differences. As one of the most iconic voices in photography for over 50 years, his work inspires viewers and our guests, celebrating the authentic beauty of the world we all share with a distinctive quality.”

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Silversea Cruises and Barbara Muckermann, President and CEO, for showcasing the documentary about my work and career on their fleet. I hope that viewers see the world as I have over these past five decades and understand how photography transcends language barriers and cultural divides and beckons us to reflect on the beauty and complexity of our planet.”

McCurry: The Pursuit of Color, produced by Intrepido Films and Polar Star Films, is written and directed by Denis Delestrac, a renowned documentary filmmaker and winner of more than 40 international awards.

In 2001, after having worked as a writer and photographer in France and the United States, Delestrac switched his career to documentary filmmaking in India, where he met Steve McCurry, with whom he made his first documentary short. Delestrac has previously worked with Silversea and Steve McCurry on various projects.

“Steve is the creator of a lot of iconic images, throughout a lot of modern history, for a lot of people, but he’s a very low-key person,” says Denis Delestrac. “He prefers to let the images speak for him, but I was interested in going beyond the images to find out what has made his work so strong and relevant over nearly four decades. In the film, we travel back to his childhood and life experiences to understand his unique vision. I will forever be grateful to Steve for opening up and sharing his life stories with me. I also thank Silversea, who made our voyages to the world’s most rewarding destinations possible.”

McCurry: The Pursuit of Color is now available on Amazon Prime Video (U.S and U.K.) and Apple TV (U.S.).