Runavik, Faroe Islands, promotes local communities

Runavik, Faroe Islands, promotes local communities (Image at - June 2023)The Port of Runavik in the Faroe Islands can accommodate ships of all sizes but is also opening up some exclusive destinations for small and expedition ships in the local communities.

During the past few years the Port of Runavík has, together with Visit Runavik, developed a safe and sustainable product for expedition ships in cooperation with local inhabitants. The maximum number of allowed calls is three ships a year in each village.

Elduvik has three calls this year, two from Hurtigruten’s Spitsbergen and one from Lindblad Expeditions’ NG Explorer,. Funningur has one ship, Quark Expeditions’ Ocean Adventurer, calling. Meanwhile Oyndarfjordur may enter the market.

There are only 12 people living in Elduvik and 70 in Funningur and they are more than happy to welcome cruise passengers, explains Rannva Troest, head of cruise Port of Runavik. The previous calls have been a wonderful experience for both locals and cruise guests.

“We are really thinking about social sustainability,” says Troest. “We are working with tour operators to influence and develop tours within our community. We have 15 villages in the Municipality of Runavik and we wish to keep the passengers in our area.

“This requires a lot of preparations and planning. We are developing different local experiences and getting people to open up their houses. We want the benefit to go to the locals and the local community.

“Communication is key. It is important for social sustainability that, for example, the port, the municipality, the cruiseline, the port agent, the tour operator and the locals all work together.”

There are 12 calls to the Port of Runavik this year including those from Holland America Line, Ponant, Oceania Cruises (overnight), Phoenix Reisen, Adventure Canada, The World (overnight), Hurtigruten and Regent Seven Seas Cruises (overnight).

The Port of Runavík, also known as King’s Harbour, is situated in the heart of Faroe Islands connected via subsea tunnels to Norðuroyggjar (20 minutes from Runavík to Klaksvík) and to Tórshavn (12 minutes from Runavík to Tórshavn).