Azamara Reveals New AzAmazing Celebrations and Exclusive Events for the 2024 World Voyage

Azamara OnwardAzamara is pleased to unveil the 11 AzAmazing Celebrations and three exclusive World Voyage events that will take place on Azamara Onward’s World Voyage, departing on January 5, 2024 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

These events have been specially curated for the 2024 World Voyage, giving guests the exciting opportunity to be one of the first to experience these immersive celebrations.

“Having just announced the expansion of our AzAmazing programming, we’re pleased to share these carefully crafted events that are sure to make Azamara Onward’s first ever World Voyage one to remember,” said Carol Cabezas, President of Azamara. “Each of these special celebrations are uniquely tailored to each destination, allowing our guests to get an authentic experience of local culture and traditions in extraordinary venues from the renowned Acropolis Museum in Greece to the historic Nassif House in Saudi Arabia.”

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