Swan Hellenic’s third and largest ship, SH Diana, sets sail for Arctic following Amsterdam Naming Ceremony Celebrations

Swan Hellenic's SH Diana  (April 2023)Today, Thursday the 4th of May 2023, Swan Hellenic announced that the Naming Ceremony of its third ice-class cultural expedition cruise ship, SH Diana, had taken place in Amsterdam.

The purpose-designed new vessel was named by luxury travel visionary and icon Valerie Ann Wilson, Founder and CEO of Valerie Wilson Travel, in the presence of Swan Hellenic Senior Management, local dignitaries, VIP guests, the media and members of the cruise and travel industries from around the world.

The sumptuous celebration Gala Dinner which followed on board also marked the official launch of Maris, an exciting new partnership with JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs, which offers Swan Hellenic guests a unique experience of exceptional dining and discovery through the senses, lived with the gourmet organisation’s world-famous chefs.

Maris brings a different JRE leading light aboard in a series of exclusive cultural expedition cruises on Swan Hellenic’s elegant designer ships SH Vega and SH Diana. Here, they take guests on a parallel voyage of discovery, exploring the celebrated culinary creativity that has made their name, driven by a passion for tradition, sustainability and quality local ingredients.

Maris was introduced by Swan Hellenic CEO Andrea Zito, with speeches by JRE CEO Hans Van Manen and JRE Italy Vice President Daniel Canzian.

Five JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs chefs then showcased the extraordinary creative variety of Maris gastronomy to mark the occasion: Edwin Soumang (Restaurant One, The Netherlands), Daniel Canzian (Ristorante Daniel Canzian, Italy), Sabrina Schanz and Patrick von Vacano (Original Beans, The Netherlands), and Michael Ammon (Gasthof Jakob, Germany). Michael remained on board after the celebrations as the Maris chef on SH Diana’s post-naming cruise.

SH Diana is the third in a series of three elegant, high ice-class, cultural expedition cruise vessels made for premium discovery experiences worldwide, with a strong bias for extreme latitude areas. Featuring a 4.6-megawatt diesel-electric propulsion system with selective catalytic reduction and a PC6 ice-strengthened hull, she is fitted with extra-large stabilisers for exceptional passenger comfort. At 125 m long, the 12,100-ton vessel has been specially designed to explore the most inspiring and inaccessible places on the planet.

Complying with the latest environmental regulations, SH Diana is completely self-sufficient for up to 40 days or 8,000 nautical miles, and equipped with exhaust gas cleaning, advanced wastewater treatment systems and the waste storage facilities required for operating in sensitive polar areas. Moreover, preparations have been made to implement zero-emission battery technology, which would also make it possible to operate silently in port, marine reserves and other sensitive natural areas.

Providing spacious 5-star accommodation for 192 guests in 96 spacious staterooms and suites, the vast majority with large balconies, SH Diana is operated by an onboard team of 141 to provide the highest levels of personal service.

(Swan Hellenic)