Holland America Line Extends Celebrity Chef ‘Culinary Cruises’ to 2023. Hosted by members of Holland America Line’s Culinary Council

Council Chairman Rudi Sodamin is the creative culinary artist and master chef for Holland America Line. Internationally recognized as a food authority and one of the cruise industry's most innovative chefs, Sodamin is a member of the Academy Culinaire de France, Maîtres Cuisiners de France and Honorary Member Club des Chefs des Chefs. Sodamin has published several cookbooks, including the best-selling A Taste of Excellence, A Taste of Elegance and A Taste of Celebration.   (Image at LateCruiseNews.com - February 2023)Foodies looking to learn tips, tricks and techniques from some of the world’s most celebrated chefs can set sail on a Holland America Line “Culinary Cruise” with a member from the line’s Culinary Council.

With the extension of the program into 2023, the celebrity chefs will share their expertise and kitchen secrets on select voyages, inviting guests to explore their mutual passion for gastronomy.

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(Holland America Line)