CLIA: Hydrogen-Powered Ships Are Coming. How Green Is Your Cruise?

MSC Cruises Reveals New Island Experiences Awaiting Guests At Ocean Cay MSC Marine ReserveIn the Caribbean, many cruise companies have bought islands and turned them into private resorts for the exclusive use of cruise passengers who cavort in enormous wave pools, rush down 135-foot water slides with names like Daredevil’s Peak, and zip-line across wide beaches.

But on Ocean Cay, an island 20 miles south of Bimini that MSC Cruises began leasing from the Bahamian government in 2015, there is no theme park, no giant water slide.

Oh, there are plenty of bars, shops and wave runners. But the general aim is to provide a serene getaway and largely quiet activities — snorkeling, swimming and lounging on beach chairs — while scientists and students from the University of Miami and Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale research how toreverse the decline in coral reefs and develop reefs that can withstand climate change.

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