Lindblad Expeditions Experiences Record Breaking Travel Bookings

National Geographic Resolution, National Geographic Explorer  and National Geographic Endurance captured side-by-side in South Georgia in the Southern Atlantic Ocean (December 2021 - Ulstein, Lindblad Expeditions)Travel is off to a solid start in 2023, with travel brands ranking in record breaking numbers.

Lindblad Expeditions, the pioneering global leader in expedition travel, reported their biggest booking day since 1979 on January 3, 2023, as guest bookings piled in at over 14% greater than the company’s previous record.

“Adventure travel is proving to be the break-out travel trend of the decade, and we’re seeing tremendous excitement from guests across geographies and generations to get that bucket-list trip on the books today,” said Noah Brodsky, Chief Commercial Officer for Lindblad Expeditions. “With over 50 years of pioneering heritage exploring more than 150 world-opening itineraries, people are turning to Lindblad Expeditions for authentic expedition cruise experiences. This is a strong start to what we strongly believe will be a record-breaking year for our fleet of unique expedition ships.”

Alaska, Galapagos, the Arctic, Antarctica, and Costa Rica are budding as the top booked destinations of the year so far. The phones are also buzzing, with an inbound call volume exceeding the busiest day in 2022 by nearly 30% as travelers satiate their wanderlust for this year.

And this trend shows no signs of slowing down, last Thursday’s inbound call volume was around 40% greater than the average very busy Monday and bookings are continuing to roll in.

(Lindblad Expeditions)