Sustainable cuddling fun with the famous AIDA Clubbies

AIDA Cruises (Logo)For many years, AIDA Cruises has been investing in a future-oriented and sustainable cruise market as part of its Green Cruising strategy.

As part of its comprehensive commitment, the company is continuously advancing climate and resource protection with many small and large initiatives.

The new AIDA Clubbies, which are made from 100 percent recycled materials, such as PET bottles, plastic bags and textiles, ensure sustainable play and cuddly fun with a clear conscience.

In full team strength, the four AIDA Clubbies Alwine, Itzi, Dodo and Achwasachwas will conquer children’s hearts on board all 12 AIDA ships. The first fan shops on board are already stocked again, and by Christmas they will have made their way onto the entire fleet.

“The continuous development of our logo merchandise range in terms of sustainability is a very special concern for us. For example, our Logo Fashion collection for babies, kids and adults is already certified with the German sustainability seal “Der grüne Knopf”,” says Dominik Löbrich, Senior Manager Retail at AIDA Cruises.

The new AIDA Clubbies are now another step towards sustainability.

(AIDA Cruises)