American Cruise Lines to Include Port Charges & Fees in Cruise Pricing Making Them Commissionable for Advisors

American Cruise Lines (logo)American Cruise Lines announced that beginning November 1, 2022, all cruise prices for new bookings will now include Port Charges & Fees, making the amounts commissionable for Travel Advisors.

The change is the first in the domestic cruise market and is the latest example of American leading the river and small ship cruise industry. American has a strong commitment to their partners in the travel agency and advisor communities.

“We aim to do everything possible to support the businesses of all our Travel Advisors. They are valued partners and work extremely hard on behalf of their clients. We intend to implement structures on our end that will increase advisor sales, increase commissions, and improve the overall booking experience with American Cruise Lines,” said Susan Shultz-Gelino, Vice President, Trade Relations for American Cruise Lines.

Year after year, American Cruise Lines has continued to expand, growing the small ship market here in the U.S. exponentially. In just the past 5 years, the company has more than doubled its fleet and totally transformed the U.S. River cruise market by introducing the country’s first modern riverboats.

In August 2022, American Symphony was christened and began cruising the Mississippi River. Next year, American’s 6th modern riverboat, American Serenade, will debut on the River in April. American Cruise Lines will also introduce 2 small Coastal Cats in 2023; part of the company’s recently announced 12-ship Project Blue Series of 109-passenger, go-anywhere small cruise ships.

The year ahead is set to be the most exciting year ever for American Cruise Lines, with 17 small ships and riverboats operating over 50 domestic itineraries in 35 states.

(American Cruise Lines)