Port of Juneau sees cruise industry rebound in 2022

Alaska Ports of call (Courtesy Wikipedia)It has been a busy season for the Port of Juneau. According to Juneau Port Director Carl Uchytil, the cruise industry was just shy of 100,000 passengers compared to the number of passengers seen during the 2019 cruise ship season.

This year Juneau welcomed around 1.2 million people. On average all cruise ships that visited the port were at 74% capacity.

“It’s kind of nice to have tourists that come and remind us on a daily basis that Juneau is a special palace,” Uchytil said. “Bright-eyed and taking it all in.”

Full story https://www.alaskasnewssource.com/2022/11/02/port-juneau-sees-cruise-industry-rebound-2022/