Endless Wonders Await with New Scenic Eclipse Antarctica Voyages in 2023-24. Scenic Eclipse I and II will embark on an expanded range of new in-depth Expedition Voyages

Scenic Eclipse (August 2019, Courtesy Scenic Cruises)In response to the high demand for once-in-a-lifetime Antarctica expedition voyages, Scenic Eclipse I and II will embark on an expanded range of new in-depth Expedition Voyages across the seventh continent.

Departing in 2023 and 2024, these additional dates and voyages, allow maximum time across the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia, the Weddell Sea and Chilean Fjords, with further exploration of smaller islands and remarkable wildlife encounters available for the 200 guests on board each of the ultra-luxury Discovery Yachts.

Guests are encouraged to explore ‘Antarctica your Way’, with a collection of Antarctic Voyages, perfect for varying types of expedition travel.

The 20-strong expert Discovery Team on each yacht provides guests with learned insights into the incredible wildlife and landscape. The teams lead guests on guided kayak and paddleboarding excursions, nature walks and Zodiac tours with multiple landings each day. Additionally, guests can enjoy unrivalled exploration with each yacht’s two state-of-the-art helicopters and custom-built submarine.

Bookings made between October 1 and December 15, 20022 enjoy savings of up to 20% of the fare with Scenic’s Earlybird and Pay in Full programs.

Antarctica Highlights

Antarctica in Depth
The perfect starter to anyone new to Antarctica is Scenic’s 13-day Antarctica in Depth expedition voyage, roundtrip from Buenos Aires, Argentina. After a flight to Ushuaia, the most southern city in the world, Scenic Eclipse sets sail and cruises through the Beagle Channel with views of the Andean Mountains of Tierra del Fuego. Due to the speed of the yachts and their oversized stabilizers, guests spend more than six full days exploring the Antarctic Peninsula. Highlights include traversing the stunning seven-mile Lemaire Channel, where guests can take in the ample wildlife – seals, penguins, whales in their natural habitat. Along the way there are visits to the remnants of a derelict whaling station, climbs to the rim of a volcanic crater, paddleboarding, kayaking, Zodiac tours, and so much more. The on-board Discovery Team and the captain use their expertise to plan out each day to make the most of the 18–20 hours of daylight. The first of eight departures is November 21, 2023, with prices starting at US $15,993 per person, double. For those wishing something even more special, there are Festive Holiday Collection sailings that include Christmas and New Year’s.

Antarctica and Chilean Fjords
For anyone wanting to truly maximize their exploration time, Scenic offers the 22-day Antarctica & Chilean Fjords. The journey, beginning in Buenos Aires and ending in Santiago, takes in Antarctica, sails around Cape Horn, and then explores the Chilean Fjords, where the beauty of the Seno Garibaldi and Seno Pia glaciers is sure to delight, while the four days sailing the Inner Fjords opens up unforgettable views of the San Valentin Glacier and the renowned beauty of the most spectacular locations in Southern Chile. Puerto Montt is the end of the Pan American Highway but the starting point of a land of fjords, canals, islands, snow-capped volcanoes and green-forested hills. Departing February 21, 2024, fares start at US $22,435.

Antarctica, South Georgia and Falkland Islands
The 19-day Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands voyage is designed for guests seeking longer expeditions. Guests have such a long list of possibilities: a Scenic Discovery excursion at Gypsy Cove, walking the wildlife trail to see the Magellanic penguin colony, cruise by Zodiac along the two-mile mountain range which forms the spine of the long, narrow island of South Georgia, and visiting and learning about Stanley, the capital of the Falkland Islands, and its thriving community. Then there is the wildlife. Penguins, albatross, fur seals, elephant seals, whales and dolphins in the Falklands; Antarctica’s 18 different species of penguins, Leopard seals and Killer whales; and the 39” tall King Penguin in South Georgia, home to the densest agglomeration of wildlife in the world with 30 million breeding birds and half the world’s population of southern elephant whales. Departing November 04, 2023, prices start from US $25,087.

Antarctica & the Weddell Sea
For guests looking for true bragging rights, Scenic’s 15- and 16-day Antarctica & the Weddell Sea heads off in search of the elusive Emperor Penguin. The tallest (up to 4.3 feet) and heaviest (51 lbs) of the penguin species, Emperor Penguins are found along the ice-chocked Weddell Sea, well past the Antarctica Peninsula. Guests can take the optional helicopter excursion to see them in their natural habitat and learn how they survive the -67°F winters. Other amazing experiences while spending nine+ days in Antarctica include the South Shetland Islands, home to gentoo and chinstrap penguins and the site of Ernest Shackleton’s inspirational 1916 survival story; exploring Elephant Island with the Discovery Team on Zodiacs, kayaks or stand-up paddleboards; visiting a working scientific base, unveiling life in the harshest of conditions; and spend each day with new unexpected encounters with the multitude of wildlife. Departing December 5 and 13, 2023, prices begin at US $18,301 and $19,772, respectively.

Beyond the Antarctic Circle Voyage

Crossing the legendary Antarctic Circle (66°33’S) is a rare feat and Scenic Eclipse II will attempt to explore one of the world’s most seldom-visited regions during the 15- and 16-day Beyond the Antarctic Circle. Cruise on Zodiacs around icebergs and kayak and stand-up paddleboard on the icy waters of the Antarctic. Scenic’s experienced Discovery Team Leaders, who have made countless journeys to Antarctica, use their expertise to design daily excursions and experiences, and point out the subtle changes in the Antarctic ice and landscape. And celebrate with a well-earned glass of Champagne. The first of three departures is on January 8, 2024, with fares starting at US $18,631.

With just 228 guests (200 in Polar regions), Scenic Eclipse Yachts are purpose-built for polar regions, featuring a strengthened hull and a Polar Class 6-rating that enables safe and comfortable navigation through polar waters. Scenic Eclipse I and II feature an impressive array of indoor and outdoor elegant spaces, such as the spectacular 5,920ft² Senses Spa, up to 10 spectacular dining experiences, nine bars and lounges and spaciously appointed suites with private verandahs and personalized butler service.

And all voyages are truly all-inclusive, so guests can leave their wallet in a safe place and relax, knowing everything is taken care of. Transfers, fine dining experiences, premium branded beverages, gratuities, and once-in-a-lifetime immersive excursions are all included in the price.

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