Tromso, Norway, promotes year-round calls. This year 172 calls are scheduled

Cruise Europe (Logo)Being in the north of Norway the different seasons during a year is very visible and different.

From months with midnight sun and daylight all around the clock to polar nights where the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon, as well as the periods in between, Tromso experiences a fascinating transformation in the nature.

“This is a natural part of our everyday life, and we know how to handle and operate in both heavy snow and sunny nights,” says Harriet Willassen, marketing and communication manager Port of Tromso. “This, combined with a vibrant city life and greats attractions and activities, makes Tromso a popular destination for visitors all year round.”

The Norwegian port has welcomed cruiseships year-round for some years now. This year 172 calls are scheduled, of which 33 are in the winter (January to March), 17 in the spring (April and May), 82 in the summer (June to August) and 40 in the fall (September to December).

In addition calls are lasting longer. From a total average of 9.6 hours in 2019, the average length of stay in 2022 is 14.4 hours, giving passengers and crew more hours to experience the city and the variety of attractions, activities, and city life.

In addition, the port has focused on the benefits of using Tromso as a turnaround port, resulting in increased operations in recent years and for future bookings.

“It is very satisfying to see these concrete results of our strategy towards the cruise segment,” says Willassen.

“We sincerely believe our region has a great potential for the cruise industry. Tromso is accredited as a sustainable destination so for us it is crucial that also the cruiseline activities are in close cooperation with local ports and destinations.”

(Tromsø Harbour)