Costa Cruises is updating its Covid-19-related health protocols. As of October 8th, on Costa cruises in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the United Arab Emirates, fully vaccinated guests will be able to embark without any further tests

Costa Cruises (New Logo - October 2021)Costa Cruises is updating its Covid-19-related health protocols, making its vacations even more accessible, starting with those scheduled for next fall and winter.

Indeed, as of October 8th, new procedures will enter into force, leading to a further simplification of measures, especially the pre-embarkation ones, required on board the company’s ships. From last spring, it is already possible to fully enjoy, without restrictions, on-board and ashore services, such as excursions, restaurants, bars, theaters, gyms, swimming pools, and wellness areas.

The main changes concern Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the United Arab Emirates, where fully vaccinated guests will no longer have to undergo pre-embarkation testing. In addition, in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, unvaccinated guests with negative pre-embarkation antigen tests will also be able to embark.

Here below the details of the requirements in each destination.

On Mediterranean (excluding Greece) and the Caribbean cruises lasting less than 14 nights, guests who have completed the Covid-19 vaccination (2 doses + booster; 1 dose J&J + booster; 2 doses +recovery) will be able to embark the ships without having to undergo any more pre-embarkation tests. People who have not been vaccinated or cured from Covid-19 (without 2 doses) will also be able to travel with Costa in these destinations, simply showing at the embarkation an official certification of the negative result of an antigenic swab (or also RT-PCR molecular swab, at guest’s choice) performed within 48 hours of embarkation time.

All cruises calling in Greece will continue to be available only to fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated and recovered guests (2 doses + booster; J&J + booster; 2 doses + recovery; 1 dose + recovery; recovery only), and who have undergone antigen testing with a negative result within 48 hours of embarkation.

On cruises visiting Morocco, guests without full vaccination will be required to take an additional RT-PCR molecular test on board 48 hours prior to entry into the country. As for Caribbean cruises, shore leave of unvaccinated guests in Barbados, St. Vincent and St. Marteen is permitted only with a negative result of an antigen test performed 24 or 48 hours prior to the ship’s arrival. These tests, as well as those scheduled prior to enter Morocco, can be done on board Costa ships at a special price.

Cruises in the UAE, Oman and Qatar are currently available only to fully vaccinated guests (2 doses + booster; 1 dose J&J + booster; 2 doses +recovery), but with no pre-embarkation testing required.

Around-the-World*, transatlantic cruises, and generally all cruises longer than 14 nights, require guests to be fully vaccinated and take an antigen test with a negative result within 48 hours of embarkation time. In addition, mask use on board will be mandatory in public areas during the first 7 days of the cruise, while in other destinations (Mediterranean, Caribbean, UAE) mask use is simply recommended.

In all destinations mentioned, where applicable, the full vaccination requirement applies only to guests aged 12 and over (except on Around-the-World and transatlantic cruises, from age 18 and over), and the swab requirement from age 5 and over.

The new version of the protocols will continue to ensure high safety standards on board. In case of need, Costa ships are still equipped to be able to perform Covid swab tests, both antigenic and molecular. Reinforcement of cleaning and sanitization of public areas, cabins, terminals, and vehicles used for excursions and guest transportation will also be maintained. The crew undergoes Covid testing prior to embarkation and periodically while on board.

Costa protocols are consistent with measures currently in place in the destinations visited by the company’s ships. If local authorities implement new measures in the future, Costa protocols will adjust accordingly. In such a case, the company will promptly inform its guests. To stay up to date on Costa’s ship health protocols and get more information about them, just visit the company’s website:

* For the call at Panama of the Around-the-World cruise, unvaccinated guests aged 5 to 17 must perform an antigen test 72 hours prior the ship’s arrival, available on board at a special price.

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