Features on a Cruise Ship You May Not Know About

Carnival Vista: the  SkyrideCruise ships have long been considered as hotels on the seas, but for a number of years there were some trappings which you would expect to find on land which simply couldn’t be added to cruise ships.

Things have certainly changed in recent years and now there is much more packed onto a cruise ship than you could ever hope to find in a hotel on solid ground. Let’s take a look at some of the features which you’ll find on a cruise ship which you may not have realized.

Powerful Internet

If you need to stay connected to your friends, work whilst you are away or even have some action on sites like www.novibet.ie, cruise ships can help you to do just that. Using advanced technology you will be fully connected to the world wide web whilst you sail the seas, and the connection is surprisingly strong.

Water Parks

Did you know that some cruise ships actually have water parks on them? Ships have long featured swimming pools and some would even branch out to a small slide for the kids. This has continued to progress in recent years however and now many cruise ships have multiple slides, surfing pools, log flumes and lazy rivers where you can have fun or relax during your time away.

Big Screen Cinemas

Given the sheer scale of cruise ships, they can pack in some really exciting features and there are a number of vessels which even have cinemas on them. Showing new releases, timeless classics and even sporting events, if you want something different to do when you are away at sea, this is a perfect experience. This is also a great option for those who have kids, as it keeps them entertained for a while.


A recent addition for many cruise ships has been simulators, ranging from flying to Formula One racing. If you want something fun and exciting to do as you are sailing to the destination, this is a great option. Just imagine sitting inside a machine which replicates the experience of driving an F1 car, all whilst you are floating around the ocean, wild!

Ice Rinks

You don’t have to wait for wintertime to get your ice skates on, as a number of cruise ships now feature rinks on deck. No matter what the weather is doing outside, you can put some skates on and have some fun on the ice with your friends or family. Quite how they manage to keep the ice frozen is beyond us, but it is a neat addition to attractions on board a cruise ship.

The aim of the cruise ship is to keep you entertained whilst you are on board, and that is exactly why cruise ship companies continue to push the boat out — pun intended. Who knows what zany creations they will come up with next, small stadiums? Virtual reality games? We can’t wait to find out.