A Coruña, Spain, improves its facilities. The Port of A Coruña has made a strong recovery following the resumption of cruise business post the Covid pandemic

Disney Magic at Calvo Sotelo and Sky Princess at Transatlantic quays (c) Port of A Coruna (Image at LateCruiseNews.com - August 2022)After having received 31 calls and more than 30,000 passengers in the last months of 2021, the port expects to exceed 140 calls and 180,000 passengers this year.

This marks a new record for the port and follows significant growth in the previous decade. Numbers for 2023 are estimated to be similar to 2022.

The port is further improving its cruiseship facilities: the Calvo Sotelo south quay is being enabled to accommodate cruiseships in the case of double calls which are becoming increasingly common.

As of this summer, the quay will no longer accommodate cargo traffic. The port authority is refurbishing it for its new use as a passenger-dedicated quay. The investment reaches €0.5 million, including the construction of a new access, the implementation of the necessary security elements and the commissioning of a provisional terminal/tent which is implemented on a case by case basis.

The Calvo Sotelo quay (420m in length) will thus have direct communication with the city centre, in a new environment whereby a part of the port is being integrated into the city. that is being created due to the liberation of spaces and its opening up to residents by way of cultural and leisure activities.

The Transatlantic quay remains as an exclusive berth for cruise vessels and is used on one-ship days. Two small or one large can be accommodated at the 484m-long, 11m draught quay.

(Port of A Coruña)