“AIDA Cruise & Help”: AIDA fleet and guests enable construction of the 30th to 32nd school project

AIDA Cruises (Logo)According to the motto “The world is becoming more colorful,” AIDAcosma was christened in Hamburg on April 9, 2022.

To celebrate this occasion, numerous fundraising events were conducted on board the youngest member of the fleet as well as the other AIDA ships during the following voyages to benefit the AIDA Cruise & Help initiative. Thanks to the commitment of guests and crew, a total of around €75,000 was raised for three additional school projects.

Solely on board AIDAcosma, donations of about €32,000 were collected. During the 14-day christening voyage, guests were able to participate in colorful activities for the good cause, accompanied and supported by Reiner Meutsch, founder of the FLY & HELP foundation. As a proud result, the residents of two Indian villages can now look forward to new facilities for their school children. The additional €43,000 will pave the way to the construction of a new school in Indonesia.

“The red AIDA kissing lips stand for vacation and the best time of the year that our guests spend on board. The fact that at the same time we can make a difference in the world together fills me with great gratitude,” says Vincent Cofalka,
Captain of AIDAcosma, being a convinced supporter of AIDA Cruise & Help.

Heidi Rothe, General Manager on board AIDAcosma, is also impressed by the great commitment of guests and crew and emphasizes: “Especially in these turbulent times, we wish to stand up for a colorful society jointly making a contribution where help is urgently needed.”

Already at the beginning of the year, AIDA Cruise & Help could enable the construction of four additional projects as a result of the traditional Christmas and New Year’s Eve raffle on board the entire AIDA fleet. Thus, new schools will be built for the children of Wanu (India), Ambatondrazaka (Madagascar), Shiladevi (Nepal) and Silay City (Philippines) in the
coming months. So far, AIDA Cruise & Help has launched a total of 32 worldwide school projects together with AIDA guests, crewmembers and partners.

AIDA Cruise & Help has united AIDA Cruises’ charitable activities since 2019. The initiative is committed to improving educational opportunities in emerging and developing countries thus sustainably enhancing the future prospects of children and young people in the poorest parts of the world.

More information on AIDA Cruise & Help‘s commitment and details on how to donate are available online at www.aida.de/cruiseandhelp.

(AIDA Cruises)