Next round trip with Havila Capella canceled

Havila CapellaUnfortunately, Havila Kystruten will cancel the next round trip with Havila Capella. The reason is that there is still uncertainty associated with the ship’s insurance.

Havila Capella is currently in Bergen, and the next planned round trip would depart on Wednesday 4 May.

“For the sake of predictability and possibility for our passengers to make changes to their trip to Bergen this decision has to be made now”, says CEO Bent Martini.

It is too early to predict when a solution to the ship’s insurance will be clarified.

“We are waiting for feedback from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the solutions we are working on, and hope for an answer as soon as possible”, Martini explains.

“This is of course very unfortunate for our understanding and patient passengers, as well as the coastal communities. It is also a pity for our employees who during the period have done everything they can to perform good work on board the ship. This is a situation beyond our control”, he concludes.

(Havila Kystruten)