First cruise ship in over two years arrives in Saint John, Canada, on April 28th

Cruise business is set to restart at Port Saint John at just after 9 pm on April 28th with an overnight call from Regent Seven Seas Navigator.

With an emphasis on health and safety, Port Saint John has been preparing with all levels of government, and regional partners to welcome the sector back after a two-year hiatus. All Canadian cruise ports have adopted a consistent set of national procedures and protocols related to public health, safety, and illness prevention in our terminals.

The visit of Regent Seven Seas Navigator will kick off a season which includes 70 scheduled cruise ship visits between now and early November. Thirteen cruise line brands will call Saint John in 2022 and 87% of visits are scheduled for September and October, the traditionally busy cruise tourism season for our region.

Port Saint John is excited to include the public in welcoming the first ship back to Saint John. Regent Seven Seas Navigator arrives at 9:20 pm on April 28th and a fireworks show will be launching from Long Wharf shortly after the vessel is secured at the berth. On Friday, April 29th there will be a tugboat water show in the harbour as the cruise ship departs at 1:45 pm.

“Though we haven’t seen any cruise ships in port since the pandemic began, our cruise and operations teams have worked tirelessly to ensure the safe and successful return of the cruise industry. We have had the chance to work with local stakeholders and businesses in a new way, and we can’t wait to watch as the cruise guests get to experience all the wonders of the Bay of Fundy region,” says Natalie Allaby, Cruise Development Manager at Port Saint John.

“We are delighted to welcome our first cruise ship back to the Port of Saint John as we look forward to the safe resumption of cruise in our region! The cruise industry in Canada has endured a tough couple of years during the pandemic but always supported the decisions of Transport Canada and Public Health in putting the safety and security of our citizens first. We have worked diligently to ensure the correct measures were put in place in advance of this cruise season. We are looking forward to celebrating the return of the cruise sector, along with all local businesses that rely upon a healthy tourism sector to provide important jobs and prosperity to our city and province,” says Andrew Dixon, Chief Operating Officer at Port Saint John.

Port Saint John is Canada’s Atlantic Canada’s largest port by tonnage and has a diverse cargo base, including dry and liquid bulk, break bulk, containers, and cruise.

(Port Saint John)