Virgin Voyages Reveals the Name of Fleet’s Stunning Fourth Ship. Virgin Voyages is delighted to welcome our fourth Lady Ship to the fleet: Brilliant Lady

Virgin Voyages'  Scarlet LadyFirst came Scarlet Lady, a name chosen to honor one of Virgin Atlantic’s flagship aircrafts. Next were Valiant Lady and Resilient Lady, two sister ships with names that celebrate women’s strong, fierce, and independent spirits.

These beautiful vessels are helmed by two beautiful and diverse mermaids to match.

With all three ships in the water by the end of this summer, Virgin Voyages is delighted to welcome our fourth Lady Ship to the fleet: Brilliant Lady.

Like Brilliant Lady’s predecessors, Virgin Voyages was extremely thoughtful when selecting a name that would boldly stand alongside her sister ships. We sought out a name that exemplifies our brand’s values and ethos, the truest representation of our mission to “Create an Epic Sea Change For All.”

As our goal has always been to create a bright and radiant experience for our Sailors — much like the sparkling seas Brilliant Lady will sail on — it was only appropriate that our fourth ship name reflect that.

Brilliance — which means both radiance along with exceptional talent and intelligence — was purposefully chosen for the duality of its meaning. On every sailing, Virgin Voyages’ ultimate goal is to leave our Sailors with a glowing review and having enjoyed one of the best vacations of their lives.

In naming the ship Brilliant Lady, we also aimed to highlight the powerful intelligence of women across the globe. Brilliant Lady represents the smart, thoughtful, boundary-pushing minds of women around the world — unafraid of owning their intelligence, aware of their importance, and confidently in touch with their own sense of self worth.

Brilliant Lady’s mermaid, destinations and itineraries will be announced soon, but until then, Sailors can set sail the Virgin way aboard Scarlet Lady from Miami (available now) on Valiant Lady starting May 15 from Barcelona, and on Resilient Lady starting August 14 from Athens.

(Virgin Voyages)