Lindblad Expenditions To Host “Good Morning America” Live Broadcast From The Galápagos Aboard “National Geographic Endeavour II”

National Geographic Endeavour II  (Photo courtesy of Lindblad Expeditions)Lindblad Expeditions has announced that ABC News’ “Good Morning America” (GMA) will broadcast live from the National Geographic Endeavour ll in the Galápagos Islands.

GMA is taking viewers to the planet’s most wondrous natural environments with a new edition of “Extraordinary Earth,” exploring the earth’s farthest reaches and examining the health and future of the planet. This will be the first live U.S. broadcast from the Galápagos Islands— one of the planet’s most wondrous natural environments—and a Lindblad Expeditions’ ship is once again serving as their platform.

The Galápagos series will premiere on February 21 live from the 96-guest National Geographic Endeavour ll.

Viewers can follow ABC News anchor Amy Robach (“GMA3” and “20/20”) over the course of six days, as she provides a firsthand look at this rare and magical place—and the efforts to protect it.

GMA’s Galápagos coverage will captivate viewers with stunning visuals and stories of the archipelagos’ iconic wildlife above and below the sea, dramatic volcanic landscapes and initiatives in place to protect it, all while reporting in close partnership with the caretakers and scientists charged with preserving this natural treasure.

“Extraordinary Earth: Live from The Galápagos” will feature live and taped coverage across multiple ABC News programs and platforms—Good Morning America, GMA3: What You Need to Know, The View, ABC News Live—providing viewers a virtual experience of one of the most fascinating places on the planet.

The programming underscores Lindblad’s 50+ years of expedition heritage and stewardship in the region. Lars-Eric Lindblad, the first to bring citizen explorers to Galápagos in 1967, recognized the islands as a fragile environment and was instrumental in their preservation. Lindblad Expeditions, in partnership with National Geographic Expeditions, continues that commitment, and today, visitors still discover the same pristine wonderland.

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(Lindblad Expeditions)