Cruise Europe publishes Economic Impact Infographic

Cruise Europe publishes economic impact infographic (December 2021)Cruise Europe has published an infographic detailing the economic impact of the European cruise industry in an easily accessible format. Published on social media and sent out to CE members as well as cruise line executives at the end of November, it has already received positive feedback.

Ian Diaper, head of operations Portsmouth International Port (which is city-owned), says it has been extremely helpful in reaffirming previous information in the port has shared with the city on the benefits of cruiseship calls and hence the business case. “This will really assist in our dealings with the city. It sums up perfectly the benefits to both the port and the wider city here in Portsmouth (as a municipal port).

“For example, the infographic published by an independent third party such as Cruise Europe, has given extra support to our initiative of laying on shuttle buses for the crew to Cascades shopping centre and passengers to Gun Wharf and The Royal Navy Dockyard.”

Allison McGuire, cruise manager Invergordon, agrees that it will be extremely useful, while Niamh McCarthy, managing director Excursions Ireland, says: “This is an excellent piece. Great to have and use in our lobbying efforts.”

As well as figures from 2019, such as €25.71 billion generated in direct expenditures and the consequent 193,000 full time jobs, there are statements on what the future in Europe might look like.

These range from short-term growth fuelled by ship redeployments to European waters as a result of the uncertainty in Asian/Pacific markets due to Covid to cities and regions agreeing internally as to whether they want cruise and how to manage it going forward.

(Cruise Europe)