JetBlue Vacations Launches Flight and Cruise Packages

JetBlue Travel Products (JTP) announced the launch of JetBlue Vacations’ “Flight + Cruise” packages, making JetBlue the first domestic U.S. airline to offer customers the ability to book their flight, cruise and hotel all in one place.

The new cruise packages with Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Carnival Cruise Line and are now available on, offering customers a unique opportunity to save time and money by bundling their travel purchases, with all segments of their journey backed by JetBlue’s signature service.

Building on making travel seamless, the new flight + cruise launch marks JTP’s next foray into evolving JetBlue to a broader travel company offering entire trips in addition to flights.

“Continuing to build upon the trust that JetBlue has established over the last 20+ years, we want customers to book their entire trip, from flights and cruises to hotels and more, all with us,” said Andres Barry, president, JetBlue Travel Products. “Handling the customer service ourselves, rather than sending them to multiple entities, allows us to go above and beyond while meeting JetBlue standards at every single touchpoint. With cruise lines increasingly beginning to sail again, we’re excited to refresh our package offerings, as we continue to drive ancillaries and build our non-ticket revenue base.”

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