Iceland ProCruises Announces 2022 Brochure Now Available. Discover Iceland with Locals!

The 224-berth Ocean Diamond (Photo courtesy Alba)Iceland ProCruises announced today (October 6) that their 2022 Brochure containing cruises available for Iceland and Greenland is hot off the press and available to travel agents and travelers. Their brochure can be downloaded on their website.

Discover Iceland with locals!
Their Icelandic expedition team gives you the unique opportunity to get to know Iceland from a different perspective. Experience the expedition team’s passion for the land of ice and fire. They make your trip to Iceland a unique, authentic travel experience that you will never forget!

The “OCEAN DIAMOND” is small enough to enter fjords and bays too shallow for larger vessels, it allows for delightful shore excursions to experience the real locals and their Icelandic way of life. Visit historic sites, museums, see natural beauty such as waterfalls, mountains, and participate in activities such as whale watching, hiking, lake experiences and much more while cruising around the island.

Iceland ProCruises has chartered the “SEAVENTURE” for two Greenland Cruises in 2022.
Designed as an expedition cruise ship and equipped with the highest ice class for passenger ships. The “SEAVENTURE” is a small agile ship with the advantage to change course quickly for a wildlife sighting in the best possible way. If there is no port nearby our Zodiacs will be ready to be used for exploring the sea and for going ashore for short expeditions. On the “SEAVENTURE” all cabins have exterior views; it carries a maximum 164 passengers as a true expedition ship.

The “SEAVENTURE” will take guests to the breathtaking nature of Greenland. Two itineraries are available. The brochure and their website contain details about each journey and highlights from each. These choices provide many options for travel to these desirable destinations!

Choices are:
Natural Wonders of Greenland, $4,635 per person, triple cabins; $6,950 per person, double cabin. Cruise dates: August 12th – 23rd 2022 + August 23 – September 3. 2022

Cruise choices aboard the “OCEAN DIAMOND” range from the classic 7-day Best of Iceland to a wide array of dates for their Circumnavigation of Iceland Cruise. Choose the date/itinerary that suits best August 23 – September 3, 2022. Prices start at $6,950 per person

1. Best of Iceland, $1.645 per person, triple cabin; $2.450 per person, double cabin. Cruise date: May 3rd – 9th May 2022.
2. Iceland Circumnavigation, There are 9 cruises between May 9th and July 29th. The July 2022 departure is priced from $2,320 & $3,455 depending on cabin size and number of guests.

Along with the introduction of plans for 2022; Iceland ProCruises will keep all prices stable for 2022.

While in Iceland, guests should plan some time to visit the currently erupting Volcano and Lava Field. The Land of Ice and Fire is once again living up to its name with this new eruption.

Attractive Air and Ground Packages are available. Iceland ProCruises can assist in flights, hotels and tours of the Volcano, Blue Lagoon and many other favorite places to visit in Iceland.

Be sure to book soon as Early Bird prices are valid for all bookings made prior to December 31, 2021.

About Iceland ProCruises

Iceland ProCruises is part of the Iceland ProTravel group which is located in six countries and a leading tour operator for incoming travelers to Iceland. Their office in Iceland includes: Iceland ProCruises, Iceland ProTravel–a local DMC, Iceland ProTravel Services and Iceland ProFishing. Gudmundur Kjartansson, a native Icelander, and Ann-Cathrin Bröcker from Luxembourg, owners of the whole Iceland ProTravel group have over twenty years of combined experience in Icelandic tourism.

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