MedCruise welcomes the re-opening of cruise between Greek and Turkish ports

MedCruise (Logo)MedCruise is pleased to communicate the re-establishment of cruise itineraries between Greece and Turkey, a result of the decision of the Greek Government to remove the restrictions imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the case of itineraries reaching Greek ports following calls at the ports Galataport Istanbul and Kusadasi.

Following consistent communication of the state at Turkish ports, the Greek authorities appreciated that both Galataport Istanbul and Kusadasi have established and maintained a public health emergency contingency plan based on the European, high standards and have all capacities to provide appropriate public health emergency response.

Throughout the last period, MedCruise worked intensively to make this development happen. Among others, MedCruise President Mr. Aris Batsoulis has met and briefed the authorities and national administrations in Greece and Turkey in detail.

MedCruise also organised technical site visits of the EU Healthy Gateways joint action team in the ports of Istanbul and Kusadasi in order to clarify the applied process and protocols, and take all the steps to secure safe cruising. The site visit was led by MedCruise President and Secretary General.

In this process, we had the strong support of CLIA Europe, cruise lines, as well as the scientific support of the European Union’s Healthy Gateways joint action team, headed by Prof. Christos Hadjichristodoulou. In addition, instrumental has been the role of the Galataport Istanbul Chief Port Officer, Ms Figen Ayan, the Regional Director Eastern Mediterranean of Global Ports Holding, Mr Aziz Gungor, and the Türkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA).

Excited by the success of this initiative, MedCruise will continue to develop all the essential activities and similar campaigns to support each and all of its members, facilitating the safety and sustainable growth of cruise activities in the Med, its adjoining seas, and beyond.

(MedCruise, Global Ports Holding)