Santander prepares to receive its first cruise ship since the start of the pandemic. On Saturday 18 September, the Spanish port will receive Phoenix Reisen’s AMERA

Santander - Spain (Santander Cruise Deluxe)The cruise ship ‘AMERA’, owned by Phoenix Reisen, an important German tour operator that also operates a fleet of cruise ships, will dock next Saturday in the Port of Santander with 617 cruise passengers on board, being the first cruise call in Cantabria since cruise activity was halted due to the Covid-19 health crisis.

The 205-metre-long cruise ship will enter the port at nine o’clock in the morning from Ferrol and it is scheduled to leave at five o’clock in the afternoon on its way to the port of Le Verdon (Bordeaux).

Of the 617 cruise passengers, most of them Germans, 195 will take a panoramic tour of the city to see its main attractions, while 136 will enjoy a twin-destination trip between Santillana del Mar and Santander. A total of 460 crew members will also travel onboard.

The arrival of AMERA represents a further step in the return to normality of an important industry for the hotel and catering business and commerce of Santander, which extends through excursions to other parts of the Cantabria Region of Spain.

Both crew and passengers will visit the city and its province, under all the health measures established by both the shipping company and the national and local authorities.

This cruise call marks the start of cruise activity, which is expected to increase in the coming months, as cruise ships are becoming more active, and cruise lines continue to plan new itineraries.

The Port Authority, the Cantabrian Government and Santander City Council are collaborating, as usual, in the preparation of this cruise call to ensure its success and that both the cruise line and the passengers perceive this visit as one of the most satisfactory of their itinerary.

The authorities will present a commemorative medallion to the ship’s captain next Saturday to celebrate the arrival of this first post-pandemic cruise to Cantabria.

Santander Cruise Deluxe

The joint initiative of the Port, Santander City Council and the Government of Cantabria, grouped under the brand Santander Cruise Deluxe, promotes Cantabria as a cruise destination. Santander and its province are presented as a safe, sustainable and innovative destination both for the more experienced cruiser and for those who are new to this type of holiday.

(Santander Cruise Deluxe, Port of Santander)