Port of Tallinn opened a new and sustainable terminal directly connected to new entertainment venues and tourist locations

Port of Tallinn opened a new and sustainable terminal directly connected to new entertainment venues and tourist locations (July 2021)During the 2021 cruise season, the Port of Tallinn will greet guests and operators with a new state-of-the-art cruise terminal. It is the most modern and multifunctional terminal in the region, built to reduce its negative impact on the environment.

According to Valdo Kalm, Chairman of the Management Board of the Port of Tallinn, cruise tourism is rapidly recovering after the easing of restrictions related to Covid-19, and the Port of Tallinn has made thorough preparations to make it safe and comfortable for everyone to visit Tallinn. “In addition, we are helping cruise operators to provide an environmentally conscious service to passengers and to make visiting Tallinn as smooth as possible.”

The Port of Tallinn took numerous steps during construction to ensure the environmental sustainability of the new terminal. Energy requirements come from solar panels tailored to suit the Nordic climate, and the facility will be heated by sea power using a heat pump. These decisions allow the facility to operate outside the cruise season – hosting events, concerts, and conferences. The new terminal makes the capital of Estonia and all the city has to offer more accessible – the aim is that all tourists leave with a safe and unforgettable travel experience and that cruise lines are able to reduce their environmental footprint by using environmentally friendly port facilities.

In addition to improving sustainability, a new promenade has opened, connecting cruise guests from the terminal to the “culture kilometre”– a direct walkway between the port area and numerous new leisure areas. This development allows tourists to explore both the UNESCO World Heritage site in Old Town and also reach fresh food and drink destinations along the seafront in a more accessible manner.

Visitors have access to three new main attractions. Firstly, the Patarei Sea Fortress, a large historical fortification now hosting bars, food trucks, and open-air events. Secondly, the Seaplane Harbour, a three-level naval museum housed in an 8000m2 hangar featuring historical ships and submarines, and thirdly Noblessner, a popular seaside cultural area featuring high-end restaurants, museums, and numerous bars. The completion of this project further diversifies the tourist potential of short-term visits to the city of Tallinn.

Port of Tallinn, which handles more than ten million passengers each year, aims to lead the way to the sustainable terminals of tomorrow and is consistently improving its business and development activities to lessen the negative effect of port activities on the environment. For the 2021 cruise season, Port of Tallinn has put together the Sustainable and Safe Port promise.

(Port of Tallinn)