New LNG cruise ship AIDAcosma leaves building dock at Meyer Werft

New LNG cruise ship AIDAcosma leaves building dock at Meyer Werft (July 2021)This Saturday, the AIDAcosma will leave MEYER WERFT’s covered building dock II (Hall 6).

The 337-meter-long cruise ship for the cruise line AIDA Cruises will start moving in the morning. The AIDAcosma is the sister ship of the AIDAnova, which MEYER WERFT completed in 2018 as the world’s first cruise ship to run entirely on liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The newbuilding then moors at the outfitting pier in the shipyard harbor. After the maneuver, the masts and funnel are lifted onto the ship by crane and assembled.

Weather and/or production-related changes in the time when the ship is undocked are possible at any time.

Low-emission LNG engines from Caterpillar / MaK, which meet the strictest environmental requirements, will again be used on board AIDAcosma. During the development and design of this class of ship, the focus was on energy efficiency.

Heat recovery, innovative electric motors, LED lighting, a ship automation and glazing system focused on energy efficiency, optimized and biocide-free underwater coatings for drag reduction, weight optimization in the selection of materials, and many other issues were given the highest priority in the design and construction.

At MEYER WERFT’s outfitting quay, the interior outfitting of the AIDAcosma will be completed. The ship will then embark on the Ems passage to complete the technical and nautical sea trials.

(Meyer Werft, AIDA Cruises)