Scenic Eclipse to Visit Saudi Waters for the First Time

Scenic Eclipse (August 2019, Courtesy Scenic Cruises)Scenic Group has announced that the company’s ultra-luxury “Scenic Eclipse” will do a series of itineraries in the Red Sea for the first time in 2021.

Scenic Group’s first purpose-built ocean cruise ship and the world’s first Discovery Yacht will sail Saudi waters from July 17 to December 9, 2021.

Selected sailings from October to December will be open to international guests to experience the rich Saudi heritage, stunning landscapes and warm and welcoming hospitality.

Scenic Eclipse sets the standard in ultra-luxury cruising in terms of technology, size and design. Built to deliver an experience of a lifetime, the ultra-luxury yacht takes cruising to a whole new level – marrying luxury, discovery and safety, and offering guests the opportunity to explore above and beyond what was previously imaginable.

From nature to cultural encounters, and historic cities to ancient monuments, Scenic Eclipse will offer Red Sea voyages sure to excite. Equipped with an on-board submarine, two helicopters for flightseeing, a fleet of Zodiacs and up to a 20-person Specialist Discovery Team, Scenic Eclipse offers the opportunity for unrivaled exploration. Guests will also enjoy a wealth of innovative and lavish proportions in the ship’s Verandah Suites, as well as the entertainment and wellness areas, and 10 dining options to explore the onboard cuisine delights.

Glen Moroney, Founder and Chairman of Scenic Group commented, “Saudi Arabia will be one of the hottest tourist destinations in coming years and we’re very glad guests will get to experience it in 6-star comfort on board Scenic Eclipse. As a business we continue to raise the bar in ultra-luxury cruising and we are confident that this new season will mark the start of a long relationship with the destination and hope to be able to offer more sailings in the region in the coming seasons as the world starts to open up for international travel.”

Scenic Eclipse will home port in Jeddah Islamic Port on the Red Sea coast. It will offer charter services with unique itineraries, as well as pre-planned itineraries. Among the numerous destinations scheduled is Yanbu, the diving capital of Saudi Arabia. This stunning beach destination offers extensive opportunities for swimming, snorkeling and watersports in the pristine Saudi Red Sea, as well as rich cultural experiences. Yanbu also features the Iona wreck, an amazingly preserved British merchant steamer sunk in 1915 which can be explored in spectacular fashion by diving, snorkeling or submarine.

Outside of Saudi, Scenic Eclipse will also have the possibility of visiting Aqaba in Jordan and Port Ghalib Marina, just a short distance from Luxor in Egypt.

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