Aurora Expeditions Announces its 1st Ambassador for Conservation: Joanna Ruxton, Plastic Pollution Campaigner

Aurora Expeditions (Logo)Australia’s award-winning expedition operator, Aurora Expeditions, today announced its 1st “Ocean Conservation Ambassador”.

Joanna Ruxton (Jo), hailed by Sir David Attenborough as ‘The person responsible for the plastic-free movement’, is leading an all-female line-up of ‘Champions for Conservation’ whose commitment to the planet has been outstanding.

“Female scientists and conservationists are leading the way in global initiatives to protect our planet, and Jo’s contribution highlights the devastating impact of plastic waste found in ocean ecosystems has helped to turn the tide against single-use plastics”, commented Monique Ponfoort, CEO of Aurora Expeditions.

She added, “Through her charity Ocean Generation, Jo’s goal is to inspire an inclusive global movement to restore a sustainable relationship between humanity and the ocean. This is entirely in keeping with Aurora Expeditions 30-year heritage of responsible and respectful expeditionary voyaging; we are a perfect match”.

Jo Ruxton commented, “It’s an honour to be appointed by Aurora Expeditions as their 1st Ambassador. Together we hope that their new ship Sylvia Earle, named after the esteemed American Oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle, will be part of the ‘change engine’ that will educate and engage audiences across the globe”.

Ocean Generation has a bold vision to free the ocean of human threats within a generation, and whilst young people can be the catalyst for change, this movement needs everyone to feel connected and not only part of the discussion but an inclusive part of the plan of action.

Utilising the ship’s new Citizen Science centre, alongside an interactive programme of engagement driven by the on-board expeditionary team, Aurora Expeditions hopes to take all of its guests on a journey to becoming an ‘Ambassador’ for conservation and sustainability.

Monique continued, “Transformational and responsible travel sits alongside respect for the world that we all share. By supporting Jo’s incredible vision to safeguard the ocean, we hope to inspire our guests to contribute sustainably to the fragile relationship between man and mother nature”.

Joanna (Jo) Ruxton, Founder Ocean Generation (formerly Plastic Oceans UK)
Jo Ruxton started the first marine programme for WWF in Hong Kong and was a key advocate for the establishment of the first marine parks there. She was a producer at the BBC Natural History Unit and a lead member of the BBC’s diving team, producing and directing underwater sequences from the first days of filming the Blue Planet series.

Disappointed by the lack of conservation messages in BBC films, in 2008 Jo chose to independently pursue her own conservation interests with a particular focus on plastic in the ocean. She went on to produce, A Plastic Ocean, the award-winning Netflix documentary. Jo founded the charity, Ocean Generation, to continue the legacy of the film through education and outreach programmes which are now expanding to address wider ocean issues.

Ocean Generation combines Plastic Ocean’s decade-long experience of science and storytelling with the youth collective, Ocean Generation Foundation. Starting with ‘A Plastic Ocean’ – a documentary praised by Sir David Attenborough as “one of the most important films of our time” – Ocean Generation is now growing an inclusive global movement to tackle Ocean threats. “We see a world where the ocean is freed from human threats within a generation; to restore a healthy relationship between humanity and the ocean. As the first generation to deeply understand ocean issues, we are also the last generation who can stop them. We are the Ocean Generation.”

(Aurora Expeditions)