Bermello Ajamil & Partners (BA) announces the addition of Servando Garcia Fluxa to BA’s Marine Engineering Department

Bermello Ajamil & Partners  (Logo)Bermello Ajamil & Partners (BA) is pleased to announce the addition of Servando Garcia Fluxa to BA’s Marine Engineering Department as a Senior Marine Engineer.

Garcia Fluxa holds two master’s degrees and is a Chartered Engineer in Spain and in the United Kingdom where he will be based. He will be working on a variety of Marine Engineering projects in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Garcia Fluxa has more than 12 years of professional and research experience, specializing in the design of maritime structures, ports and coastal engineering, and numerical modeling. He has dedicated time to the mentoring of graduate students and developing instructive publications for static and dynamic mooring analyses. Garcia Fluxa serves as the vice-chairman of the WG 200 Single Point and Multi Point Facilities working group for the international professional association – PIANC.

“Servando is an excellent addition to the team as a Senior Marine Engineer, we are lucky to have an individual with his breadth of technical experience and leadership,” stated Daniel Ramos, BA Director of Ports and Maritime Engineering. “He’s the right person to help execute BA’s strategic growth initiatives and his mentorship skills are invaluable.”

Garcia Fluxa expands BA’s marine and coastal engineering practice to new European markets while supporting projects in the United States and beyond. He strengthens our specialty services, and further develops the Ports and Maritime group’s goals of growing our marine engineering footprint by building on our successful cruise, marina, and port maritime projects worldwide. We foresee the need for increased port and cruise development activity post Pandemic times. BA is prepared to provide our clients with the best quality service based upon the strength of our marine engineering expertise and past project experience.

“Servando’s qualifications and personality make him the right fit for the expansion of our marine engineering group,” said Senior VP of Ports and Maritime, Mark Ittel. “He will provide additional expertise in the key areas of design, coastal engineering and modeling. In today’s environment government entities, private facility investors, and cruise tourism destinations worldwide need to consider sea level rise as well as new methodologies for design of marine structures. BA is prepared to provide our clients with that marine engineering guidance.”

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