DeCurtis Corporation Adds Video Surveillance Technology to its Safety and Security Products

DeCurtis Corporation, the premier provider of location and proximity enabled solutions in complex, indoor environments with a focus on health, safety and security, operational enhancement and experience evolution announces adding video surveillance technology to their safety and security offering.

The integration of video surveillance to the DeCurtis Experience Platform (DXP™) enables more efficient, advanced automation and scalable operations by providing actionable, accurate location data that increase the overall safety and security of any indoor venue. The DXP™ integrated with CCTV technology will provide greater situational awareness, focused investigation tools and address risk management.

“Our evolution into the health arena was ushered along by the recent pandemic,” said Derek Fournier, President and Chief Executive Officer, DeCurtis Corporation. “We are excited to add video surveillance to further enhance our service offering to our clients assisting them increase efficiency and optimize their risk management process.”

DeCurtis Corporation is not new to the safety and security arena. Health, safety and security are a vital component of their company mission. In response to COVID-19, DeCurtis has created several tools to assist in raising the health and safety standards to entirely new levels for any business venue. The addition of video surveillance joins their already impressive health and safety offering that includes their award-winning Mobile Assembly Suite (MAS™), DeCurtis Shield™ and a Health Safety and Maturity Model (HSMM™).

“DeCurtis is ushering in a new era of Safety and Security through the combination of traditional and cutting-edge location technology and software,” said Matt Winans, Vice President, Safety and Security, DeCurtis Corporation. “Our unique approach through the combination of technology will empower customers and provide a safe and secure environment.”

(DeCurtis Corporation)