Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). is transforming video surveillance systems into an array of virtual sensors. CoVid-19 compliance reporting is one application among many others

Zensors Inc, Smart Airports – Camera AI

Deep Structured Learning and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) are technologies that have become increasingly available and cost effective for multiple industries.

RedCell Technologies and Zensors have joined resources to offer CCTV A.I. to Cruise Lines.

The immediate application targets monitoring and documenting compliance with COVID-19 social distancing requirements. Such technology will become an important element among the measures taken by Cruise Lines to obtain class Infection Prevention program certifications, such as DNV-GL CIP-M.

Beyond the crisis, turning CCTV coverage into an array of sensors will create new data streams and applications. They will provide valuable information to all vessel departments and to guests.

For ship staff and vessel management:

– Monitoring of ship venue occupancy in real time
– Crowd forming detection at sensitive locations
– Crew staff efficiency monitoring
– Tracking guest behavior, etc.

Guests will be able to make informed decisions on where and when to go through digital signage, iTV or BYOD apps.
From a financial standpoint, the effort to deploy such technology is mostly OpEx. A.I. is offered as a monthly subscription. Unless a vessel is not equipped with IP CCTV cameras, CapEx is limited to remote set-up services.

About RedCell Technologies
RedCell provides consulting, system integration and support in the domains of Networks, Wi-Fi, Telephony, Video Streaming, CCTV, Data Centers to corporate customers in Florida and to the Cruise and Ferry industry.

About Zensors
Spun out of Carnegie Mellon University – the birthplace of artificial intelligence – Zensors wants to enable smart and reactive spaces through cutting-edge computer vision technologies. We believe that advances in AI should be accessible to everyone, not just those with a degree in computer science, and applied to everyday problems to make experiences more delightful and places more efficient.

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