First post Covid-19 Scylla river cruise comes to a successful end

Nicko VisionThe first post Covid-19 cruise of leading river cruise operator, Scylla, has successfully come to an end after 13 days of sailing along the Danube, Main and Rhine rivers. The cruise aboard nickoVISION, run by river cruise line, Nicko cruises, took a reduced number of passengers from Passau to Dusseldorf, in Germany.

The ship, which set sail on 1 June, was the first cruise with the new Covid-19 safety regulations on board, which had to be observed by all passengers and crew members. Some of these measures were regular temperature checks and the one-way system in corridors to guarantee optimal social distancing.

“Both guests and crew mastered these challenges with flying colours. Our first post-lockdown river cruise went without a hitch,” said Arno Reitsma, CEO of Scylla AG. “All passengers were very satisfied with the cruise experience, they felt completely safe with the new measures and said they had a really pleasant time with us,” Mr. Reitsma added.

After a very successful start, the river cruise season can now be continued. This means that guests will once again be able to enjoy a variety of river cruises on Europe’s most popular waterways, even though travel itself is now slightly different. “We are not yet able to operate on all the European rivers we used to, but we will be gradually adding new routes and expanding our offer,” Mr. Reitsma concluded.

Swiss operator, Scylla, runs a fleet of riverboats for various European charter clients.

(Scylla AG)