International Cruise Summit 2019: Big Data and sustainability transforms the cruise industry

The International Cruise Summit - Madrid, SpainThe ninth edition of the International Cruise Summit, held on November 27 and 28 in Madrid, managed to surpass the success of previous editions and confirmed the status now acquired by this congress and its discussion forums within the industry.

More than 400 attendees were able to meet and learn about a constantly growing industry, with its opportunities and challenges, with more than 40 speakers, including international experts and cruise executives at the highest level.

The ICS 2019 was inaugurated by Felix de Paz, Tourism Advisor of the Spanish Embassy in Miami, Alfredo Serrano, National Director of CLIA Spain and José Ramón Castiñeira, General Director of Tourism for the Madrid Regional Government.

The sector is still booming. In 2020, 22 new ships will reach the market, which means almost 2 ships per month.

In such a global industry, knowing the potential cruise passenger better than your competitors is essential to increase quality, consumer satisfaction and enhance customer loyalty. ‘Big Data’ and the science of data processing are the essential tools for the cruise industry. Improving the efficiency of all companies and achieving the transition to decision models based on the data is unquestionable and different companies presented innovative models of customer experience management. If knowing the customer is vital, being able to predict demand becomes a differentiating element.

However, the industry reiterated that it is necessary to correctly manage tourist flows with the help of new technologies by destination and not only promote the destination as before. It also stressed its commitment to ports, public and private entities to overcome current challenges.

The event was attended by the CEO of TUI Cruises, Wybcke Meier as the guest of honour, who offered her professional career and leadership as an example in the industry. Meier is a great expert and defender of environmental transition and sustainability. She stressed that we live in an age where perception exceeds reality, so it is essential to know how to communicate efficiently.

Furthermore, the event brought to the table that it is not logistically possible that all ships are propelled by liquefied natural gas nor the shore power or vessel connection in port is sustainable in all destinations when electricity comes from non-renewable energy. This and other messages should be opportunely explained to professionals, press and consumers.

Within the section of the ICS talks, Emre Sayin, President of the largest port and port terminal manager in the world, Global Ports Holding Inc., also gave his innovative vision on the management of ports and destinations.

This ninth edition has allowed to continue promoting Madrid as the headquarters of the main international congresses.

All the conclusions of the International Cruise Summit 2019 will be accessible on the web page.

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