Lufttransport, AECO and the Governor of Svalbard launch heli-rescue training video

Helirescue training video by AECO, Lufttransport and Governor of Svalbard

The Arctic expedition cruise industry and search and rescue responders are collaborating to enhance preparedness and collaboration. The latest step in this effort is a new video that explains how crew and staff onboard vessels can assist in a helicopter rescue operation.

The video is the result of a collaboration between Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO), the Governor of Svalbard and Lufttransport AS, a leading provider of search and rescue (SAR) emergency preparedness and services in the Arctic.

The video contains instructions on how the person on deck should prepare the hoisting area, receive the guideline that is lowered from the rescue helicopter, follow the instructions of the rescuer and assist the rescuer in hoisting people from the deck.

According to AECO’s Executive Director Frigg Jørgensen, the video can be used by cruise operators for training purposes.

“We know that expedition cruise vessels can be a valuable resource in search and rescue operations in the Arctic. These vessels have capable and highly trained staff that can assist rescuers in the field. We hope that this video can help educate and train ship crew and staff and other interested parties,” says Jørgensen.

Lufttransport’s chief pilot, Snorre Hagen is happy that the cruise industry and SAR services are working together: “Collaborations like this is contributing to improved and more efficient rescue operations in the Arctic”, says Hagen.

AECO, the Governor of Svalbard and Lufttransport AS collaborated to determine what the video should contain. The video was filmed on Hurtigruten Svalbard operated vessel “Nordstjernen” during the summer of 2019.