Six Things First-Timers Forget to Pack for a Cruise

There’s nothing more exciting than taking your first cruise. Sailing will allow you to experience a trip that has something for everyone, whether you want to go diving, snookering or hanging around at the beach.

You can do everything that makes you happy on the beach, though it can be a bit hectic to prepare for your first cruise. Here are seven essential items you must pack for your first cruise:

Outlet Adapter
Though newer ships have more outlets in their cabins, a lot of ships still have one or two plugs in every room. That means you won’t have a lot of options if you want to simultaneously charge your camera, phone, laptop, and other electronics. For that, an outlet adapter comes in handy especially when you don’t wasn’t to miss any games on Betfair, also allowing you to power stuff like a nightlight or a fan. With your plug, you won’t have to unplug one thing to connect the other.

Wrinkle Release Spray
Being the first time you’re cruising, keep in mind that most appliances that aren’t allowed on the ship will heat up. That includes irons, so you’ll need to send your clothes to the laundry and have them ironed or pressed at a service fee. However, most passengers find a wrinkle release spray to be quite effective. Just carry a small bottle and spray it on before smoothing out the fabric.

One unique thing about being a cruise ship instead of a hotel or resort is that people travel in rooms without windows. If you’ve booked an interior room, please note that it will be pitch black when the lights go off. As such, you’ll need to pack a small nightlight if you don’t like sleeping with the lights on. A nightlight will give you enough light to see where you’re stepping if you need to wake up, without distracting your sleep.

Waterproof Phone Case
These days, your Smartphone is for more than just texting and calling. Phones not only carry your cruise line app and your camera but also grant you online access. For that, you’ll want to bring it with you everywhere you go, including the pool and near the beach. That’s why you need to bring an inexpensive waterproof casing to safeguard your phone against water.

These days, wristwatches are almost obsolete for most people. However, its handy to have a timepiece on your cruise as most ship stick to a certain schedule and can mean everything from boarding time to making a dinner reservation.

Towel Cruisers
Most first-timers are always caught off guard as the cruise is always breezy. The cruise ship may be sailing at 20 miles per hour, giving you a 20 mph breeze when there’s no wind. However, the breeze is further amplified if there is wind from the direction the ship is heading. That means your towel will be flying around pretty often from your chair. For this reason, you need to have an inexpensive set of towel clips.

Bottom Line
You will need to pack more items than the six listed above for your first trip, though these are the most ignored by most first-timers. However, cruise ships also have shops to sell various necessities that you may forget, but they may be highly priced compared to regular shops.