Happy Food Day Canada! Adventure Canada to offer new Taste of Place program

Adventure Canada: Lois Suluk and Suzie Evyagotailak sharing country food aboard Ocean EndeavourIn honour of the rich traditions and delicacies found across our country, we’re proud to share some unique culinary experiences you can experience on Adventure Canada’s award-winning expeditions. Our new “Taste of Place” program highlights the foods, people and traditions of the regions and communities we visit.

Local food is an intimate expression of the culture, of the land and of the challenges and opportunities our host communities are facing today.

The best of berry season in Nunavik
Suvalik is a rich blend of fish roe, oil (traditionally from aged seal fat), berries and water – a power food for arctic life, popular in summertime when berries are available. The fish eggs are crushed and stirred rapidly by hand as the oil is added gradually. The fruit is added as the mixture becomes light and fluffy producing a creamy, delicious delicacy popular as a dessert that is a fun way to bring people together.

Enjoy a sample of this rich treat in Kangiqsualujjuaq, QC on our Greenland & Wild Labrador expedition, September 18 to October 2, 2019 & September 23 to October 7, 2020.

Campfire Cook Out, Tadoussac-Saguenay
Our Mighty Saint Lawrence expedition offers a cultural and culinary smorgasbord with historical threads woven between the Indigenous, French and English founding cultures of Canada. In the community of Tadoussac at the mouth of the Saguenay River, a shoreside campfire introduces a mix of traditional and contemporary French Canadian culinary ‘nibbly bits’. Homemade Tadoussac Wild Mushrooms, Pork Terrine with North Shore Huckleberries, Smoked Atlantic salmon crackers, Quebec cheese, pâtés and breads delight the pallet.

Mataaq: delicacy of the Arctic
According to Inuit traditional belief, whales, seals, and walruses were once the fingers of Sedna, goddess of the sea. A profound respect when hunting animals prevails, and using the entire animal, either as food or tools is an essential part of this philosophy.

Mataaq consists of the skin and blubber of a whale. It’s best served raw in tiny cubes, but it can also be deep-fried, pickled, or stewed.

Akin to pork belly, whale skin is elastic so the pieces are scored to make chewing easier. The blubber, however, melts gently as you chew, whispering of the ocean from whence it came, but never overly fishy or briny.

Try Mataaq aboard Ocean Endeavour on High Arctic Explorer, Into the Northwest Passage, Out of the Northwest Passage and Greenland & Wild Labrador.

Haida Gwaii’s coastal delicacies
Dining aboard the 68’ Island Solitude sailboat offers a unique, small group culinary experience with signature dishes of the West Coast of Canada. Meals are prepared fresh from scratch by chefs who emphasize local as much as possible and all seafood served is Ocean Wise approved.

Sailers enjoy a welcome feast of steamed fresh Dungeness crab, potatoes and corn; there’s nothing like getting to know you’re new shipmates by jumping in and eating with your hands!
Join our Haida Gwaii expeditions in July 2020.

Is that Rabbit Risotto!?
“Rabbit is an important part of our food system and tradition in Newfoundland and Labrador”, says Adventure Canada’s Taste of Place ambassador Lori McCarthy.

Native to Labrador and introduced to Newfoundland in the mid 1800’s, this game meat has had a place at the table for generations. Still today you will find pantries (larders) around the province well stocked with bottled rabbit.

In honour of this cultural icon and relationship with wild game, Lori has created her contemporary Rabbit Risotto recipe to be served on our Newfoundland Circumnavigation expedition this fall.

Our recent Signature Experience Award from Destination Canada for our Newfoundland Circumnavigation encouraged us to go a step further, with the launch of our Taste of Place program. Wild game and berries, local vegetables and of course sustainable fish and sea foods will be featured on the menu. And just as exciting are the people you’ll meet and the deep cultural connections of NL food you’ll experience.

Joining us onboard our 2019 Newfoundland Circumnavigation is chef, forager, hunter and food culturalist, Lori McCarthy. As our Taste of Place Ambassador, Lori has designed an incredible menu showcasing Newfoundland and Labrador culinary experiences throughout the expedition. Special Guest Anita Stewart, Canada’s Food Laureate and Founder of Food Day Canada, is also joining us onboard this sailing. Taste, listen, discuss, learn, and savour Canadian Food experiences curated by these outstanding culinary Canadians!

(Adventure Canada)